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Thread: Happy Halloween!

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    Sharky Guest
    That red devil chick sh!t will never be played out

    All i wanted was some RICE CAKES! Now? WE MUST BATTLE.

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    cwheelie Guest

    oh my

    "the devil hates kung fu"

    de ja fu - The feeling that somewhere, somehow you've been kicked in the head like this before.

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    JWTAYLOR Guest
    What red devil chick are you talking about? Did I miss something here?

    If you pr!ck us, do we not bleed? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that the villany you teach me, I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction. MOV

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    a_nonny_mouse Guest

    Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled?

    Pretty funny movie. Well, okay, freakin' HILARIOUS movie.

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    Sharky Guest
    im sayin that the majority of girls decide to wear **** all and don a pair of horns and a red tail, over here- and i'm saying that's fine with me, fine with me, indeed.

    All i wanted was some RICE CAKES! Now? WE MUST BATTLE.

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    straight blast Guest
    Wish we had that over here...I could go a lovely vampiress or two... :p

    "Pain is merely weakness leaving the body"

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    Sharky Guest
    what... there's no halloween in aussieland?

    even in the uk, though, its nothing to how it is in the usa. It really doesn't mean sh.t here.

    All i wanted was some RICE CAKES! Now? WE MUST BATTLE.

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    joedoe Guest
    We got it here in Sydney. I don't know how it is celebrated elsewhere, but the kids go out trick or treating nowadays. When I was a kid though, it wasn't really celebrated much but it seems to be now.

    You're fu(king up my chi

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    IronFist Guest
    Yesterday (October 30th) was Bodybuilder's Day, according to American Greetings (I think it was them). I heard it was Charles Atlas' birthday.

    Happy belated Bodybuilders day everyone :)


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    GunnedDownAtrocity Guest
    happy halloween everyone.

    i got to take my kid trick or treating and then the woman and the kid went to visit her side of the family.

    so now im drunk and high and hope everone else is enjoying themselves.

    except for celestial.

    i hope you are miserable. go fu ck yourself.

    where's my beer?

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    GunnedDownAtrocity Guest
    belated happy body builders day to you iron fist.

    where's my beer?

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    Martial Joe Guest
    hahaha oh man...

    IXIJoe KaveyIXI
    I am Sharky's main man...

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    Wongsifu Guest
    hell yeah :D :D :D :D :D :D

    what do bin laden and general custer have in common????
    They're both wondering where the fu(k all of those tomahawks are coming from. - donated by mojo

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    logic Guest
    girls in red devil outfits.
    drinking and dancing.
    oh YEAH,It's cool.

    Honest Neutral Clarity

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    Budokan Guest
    I took my little ones trick-or-treating last night.

    Matthew was dressed as a spaceman and Patrick as a fireman in memory of the brave men and women we lost on Nov. 11. He was carrying a wicked (but plastic) looking axe that looked like something a Half-Orc Barbarian from D&D would use to split open hobgoblin skulls.

    They were both real cute and Dad got to drag them all over the neighborhood in their red wagon. (Riding in style) Wore my tail out, I don't mind telling you, but they had a GREAT time so it was worth it. :D

    K. Mark Hoover

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