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Thread: Describe your dream gym

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    Describe your dream gym

    I've been thinking a lot lately about what sort of setup I'd like to have for my own gym. I don't plan on opening a school or anything, but I will probably take on some students, and I'd like to be able to teach them right. So, my plan is to slowly gather equipment and have a gym set-up at home for teaching.

    So, here's the stuff on my list, in no particular order:

    Heavy bag
    Speed bag
    Target pads
    Heavy pads
    Face cages/full contact sparring gear
    Throwing mat
    Weighted sticks(sticks with weights hanging from ropes, traditional thing)
    First Aid kit

    I'm forgetting some stuff, but there's what I remember.

    What do you picture in your dream gym?

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    I have a gym at my house. We call it 'the dojo.'

    I dont have any weighted sticks but I have 2 weight sets and a bench.

    I have some medicine balls and jump ropes too. Also a Broom.

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    In my dream gym, I improve in skill and health without effort or time expended.

    Hey, a guy can dream, right?
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    I forgot the medicine balls.

    I have a weight set, but students will have to use their own. I don't have time to help students keep up on a weightlifting regimen. It would take from the time to teach fighting. That's not good. Plus, the weight set would take up too much room, it stays in the house.

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    I have few requirements

    It's got: -

    Lots of space
    Training partners on-call 24/7
    Fall mats over one area
    No roof
    Plenty of plum-blossom poles in the ground
    Wall bags
    Herbal medicines on tap
    A tree with tweeting birds and apples (why waste a tree)
    A mirrored wall & a curtain to cover it
    A weapons rack system like they had in the Matrix
    A chill area with seats, a table, tv & vcr

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    I would want to be alone, most importantly.
    All i wanted was some RICE CAKES! Now? WE MUST BATTLE.

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    Heavy Bags galore… I mean like 150 - 200lbs bags… and cute massage thearapists in white shear silk ropes...
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    I guess I dream fairly small compared to most in this area.

    I forgot a camera to play back sparring so people can see their habits.

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    After a recent breakup I was able to convert my old livingroom into a gym where friends come over to play.

    It's pretty basic. Six cinderblocks and 3 planks of wood make up 3 small bench areas. I tilted an old bookshelf over to house my trophies and now each friend has a cubbyhole for gloves and head gear. I was also able to unburden my father's garage and took my old karate weapons and stuff and now they hang on the walls. A heavy bag would be great, but my landlord is upstairs. I just take a small bag up to the park with me when I shoot hoops and when it gets dark and everyone goes home I hang it from the monkey bars.

    We're all having fun with the space though. Rain or shine, its a reason to get together.

    Someday if and when I'm ready to teach I would like to have a mix of traditional and hardcore: cement floors with brick walls and boxing gloves hanging from them. A large mirror and a weapons rack of poles and swords. I would also like to have a shrine with a large painted portrait of my master. But before any of that I still have to learn a lot, become a disciple and learn weapons.

    It would be nice though.

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    Yeah, I forgot the video cameras and inspirational photographs of masters past.

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    Talking What's not in my dream gym

    1. Ferns
    2. Juice bar
    3. Mirror (exept in the loo)
    4. Machines
    5. Plastic weights
    6. Anyone with BO
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    I just need Pammy Anderson to hold a pair of focus mits for me and kind of jiggle up and down while im resting.
    LOL.. really, what else did you hear?.. did you hear that he was voted Man of the Year by Kung-Fu Magizine?

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    Re: What's not in my dream gym

    Originally posted by guohuen
    3. Mirror (exept in the loo)
    Actually, I find having a mirror in the gym to be pretty helpful for working on technique. You can't always tell when you're doing something incorrectly, and being able to see yourself from another angle can point out flaws in your game.

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    i would have to say a hyperbolic time chamber - 6 hours in there equals only one minute in the "real" world, and of course there would be an adjustable gravity machine in there as well - yea i watch too much DBZ, so what?

    but since that will never happen, my dream gym contains
    -lots of room
    -high ceilings(for practice of long weapons)
    -real nice quite secluded out door area as well
    -weapons - all sorts
    -my sifu
    -hardcore training partners(luckily many of my kung fu bros are pretty hard)
    -real nice shrines w/ incense always burning(nothing like training with the smell of incense burning - at least the incense my sifu uses not the cheap stuff)
    -heavy bags galore
    -huge vats of dit da jow
    -people always their so you can train when you feel like it
    -full contact gear
    -straching machines/gear, maybe one of those pully things bruce lee use to use - those look good.
    -lions for lion dance
    -real nice chinese drum
    -some sort of iron skill training equipment(i dunno i dont know any iron skills or what you need to train them)

    and of course hot women that are impressed with your kung fu

    um im sure ill think of other things along the way

    btw on mirrors, they have good and bad points i think. true many people get to see what they look like while doing a technique or stance, but they are also very distracting and i think give you the tendency to look at them instead of where you should be looking(in forms for example). so i think i'd omit them or have some way to cover them when i dont want them

    train hard
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    Three words...

    Sung Hi Lee.
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