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Thread: Temple Kungfu TV ads

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    skarbro -- you're in, brother. your sole responsibility -- mock temple kung fu. -rubthebuddha

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    > since you guys are waiting so intently i will start it off with temple kung fu is a fake evil scam. wheres ajax? he could get this rolling.

    I drift in and out. Everything there is to say about TKF has been said... and said again, and again. Yes they are a McDojo, yes Olaf is a fraud in that he makes false claims about his lineage, misrepresents the style he teaches, and is now building a shrine to himself in Grand Forks with the money he's scammed and volunteer labor by those students who still believe in him. Very few of the steady stream of new students at my studio stick around for more than a few weeks or months although none of them will ever get their $$money$$ back. As for me, it sucks that I fell for this stuff, it sucks that I'm $3000 poorer and that I'm going to have to switch styles/schools at some point. Hopefully when I have the cash I'll be able to train under a genuine master in a style of my choice, meanwhile I work hard, read all I can to stay on the right track, and routinely kick my instructor's a$$ in point sparring.

    iron_silk: they're still around because plenty of people who wander into their studios just don't know better. It also helps to be the only "kung fu" business in the phone book.

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    YOU TOO can learn kung fu in 10 easy, self-paced lessons for only 4 payments of $19.95!

    Do amazing feats, just like your heroes Jackie Chan and Jet Li! Be the first on your block to study the ancient ways of chinese karotty!

    Operators are standing by! Call now!

    BUZZZZZ! (Alarm clock)

    Copyright 2003 - African Tiger Inc., a Nevada yada yada yada. Any reproduction...oh, to hell with that round kick, my knees are killing me. How about a nice Iron Palm to the nuts, sonny?

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    Thumbs down

    Does that mean temple kung fu doesn't even do anything more than tap sparring or point sparring or whatever?
    That is sick.
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    Originally posted by Serpent

    By that, I don't mean that I had a drink and then p!ssed legumes.

    Don't go there!
    No, nothing like that...i was just thinking you were having your hot home-oh fun

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    Originally posted by rubthebuddha
    got any margarita mix in here, joe?
    WTF's a margarita?!

    Nothing against girls or anything (I usually try to get as much against them as possible!!! ) but are you a girl? Maybe you should join TFK...!!!

    Take a cold shower, drink a coupla beers and a straight shot or two, slam a coupla Mexicans down and then come back...
    its safe to say that I train some martial arts. Im not that good really, but most people really suck, so I feel ok about that - Sunfist

    Sometime blog on training esp in Japan

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    Originally posted by Mat
    slam a coupla Mexicans down and then come back...
    I haven't slammed any Mexicans down, but I usually slam down a Phillipino during wrestling practice.

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    Re: Temple Kungfu TV ads

    Originally posted by iron_silk
    Does anyone here seen those ads or know anything of their program?

    I've seen those ads and they seem suspect. I could be wrong.
    Ah, those old ads... Wish we had vcr's back then. Remember the one with the white guy that look like a Fed in a karate gi doing a leaning over brick break. The flute music in the background..

    They are still running ads on tv?!
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    Royal Dragon enter's the room, pulls up a chair and says,

    So gentilmen, whats to drink??
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    Originally posted by Mat

    slam a coupla Mexicans down and then come back...
    i slammed a couple mexicans once. their brothers still want to kick my ass for it.
    "heres to you as good as you are
    heres to me as bad as I am.
    But as good as you are,and as
    bad as I am,I'm as good as you are,
    as bad as I am"
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    *takes beer and deck chair*

    Oh well, this is obviously just too old for fun any more. I'm off to the Wing Chun forum.
    "i can barely click the link. but i way why stop drinking .... i got ... moe .. fcke me out of it" - GDA on Traditional vs Modern Wushu
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    turiyan - i have seen the ad once this year. the gong at the end is my favorite part.

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