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Thread: Ed Parker

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    Here is another neat site for Kenpo. You can ask questions and sometimes some highly respected and well known (in the community) artists will respond ASAP.
    Enter "The Flame" for articles and written techniques.
    Check out the article by Ron Chapel for more "unique" Kenpo stuff.

    Elvis second love (or third after women) was martial arts. He donated and bought stuff for the Kenpo guys. Gotta love him.

    omarthefish: 6 months of training is just the learn flow and things become more natural later. No big deal. Glad you enjoyed your experience while you had it.

    Plan for the worst, hope for the best, and expect something in between. -RTW
    If you had …one shot…one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, one moment, would you capture it, or just let slip.

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    CMA in Kenpo

    Ed Parker trained under James Wing Woo in the mid sixties. Woo was from Canton and taught a mixture of the various southern Chinese external martial arts as well as his family's Yang style Taijiquan.

    -Jess O

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    Yoing Apprentice,

    I had a quick look at that site. I don't recognize any of their technique names. They are a little light on the techniques (not many compared to most Kenpo schools). This is not automatically a bad thing, but it wuld raise a flag. Make sure they are teaching all the principles.

    The photos they posted did not show good AK form. Their stances were off to non existant in some cases. To be fair, almost all the pictures were of begginers- white and yellow. Still, in AK, everything begins and ends in the neutral bow. Stance and footwork are drilled from the beggining, and I saw no evidence of that. Also, some of the fighters were leaning forward in their stance. This destroys ballance and brings some major targets in closer to the opponents strikes. Big no-no in AK, as well as other styles with which I'm familiar. There were a few high kicks, which most schools don't do a lot of, but if they want to I guess that is their call. However, there were some high jumping kicks also. We don't do that. AK never gives up its' base. Once the feet leave the ground you are susceptable to being swept, among other (painful) things.

    It looks like they have taken the system and went in their own direction, adding some other arts and elements of arts to it. This can be a good thing, as with the grappling. But based on their photos I'd have serious questions.

    In their defense, and in fairness, I'll say I have a Chi Na video by Master David German which was shot at their studio with a couple of their instructors. They did a crediable job, and if they teach Chi Na there it would benifit your career in security, and if you plan on moving on into law enforcement. Chi Na is joint locking and pain compliance. It is the basis for such arts as Jui Jitsu and Aikido, and is extremely effective.

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    Originally posted by neito
    -i think many would agree that some kempo groups have an annoying cheesiness to them.
    I know I can be annoying to some here, but I've never been called cheesy before . Maybe you could define what is cheesy in AK, and tell us which groups.

    Cheesy- sheesh!

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    I've had at least four people warn me, that new about the head of the White Dragon Kenpo. One was very angry at how the guy basically b@sterdized kenpo.Like I said, the way they felt about it, is how kf guys view shaolin-do. I think I'll stay away from that school. There were a couple Kenpo schools out here that have been reccomended.

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    there is nothing cheesy about the art, but some of the patch and belt collecting stuff is. just superficial stuff, not the important things. thats why i think it is often overlooked.

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    Pretty Interesting Topic

    I wanted to take Kempo, their is a school just south of where I currently live, its cheap on fridays, I heard, I think I will check it out.

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