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Thread: Mok Ga Kuen

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    mantis man Guest

    Mok Ga Kuen

    Does anybody have any info on the history of Mok Ga Kuen?

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    bean curd Guest
    mok gar is one of the five families of the south.

    the style is very well known for its kicking style.

    the si-jo is mok ching kiu, of tung koon county, kwantung province.

    mok ching kiu lived around the time of tao kiang of the ching dynasty.

    mok ching kiu learnt from choi kau yee, who was renowned for his kicking skills, and speed.

    mok gar kicking skills, never go above the waist and to that end, are generally directed to the first sam hsing, and the groin area.

    there are two branches of mok gar, one is from the above named person mok ching kiu, and the other is from mak shing mo.

    both players learnt from the same man, choi kau yee.

    the diferance of the two styles is that in general, mok ching kiu style uses mostly straight kicks, while those of the mak shing mo style kick more horizontal.

    it is said that choi kau yee, who taught both men, taught them seperate styles, which is an old sifu tradition, to ensure his skill is not surpassed by his pupils.

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    I study a certain lineage of Hung Gar that has a Mok kuan introduced by Mok Guai Lan. It is a strictly crane form (no tiger).It has aprox. 30 combinations (fairly short for Hung Gar)

    Cease to do evil & learn to do right,persue justice & champion the oppressed.....IS 1:17

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    mantis man Guest
    Thanks Beancurd,I appreciate all the info.

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    bean curd Guest
    tigerlily, yes that correct, mok kwei lan, learnt her family style mok gar from her uncle.

    the family style is said to follow the principles of the iris, and there are forms from the family style called. "iris breaking form" jit chi ying faht , and also "snapping the iris", jit sai chi faht.

    mok gwei lans, uncle was a very close friend of wong fei hungs' and this is how they met


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    You know I heard a story that Wong Fai Hung was giving an outdoor demonstation and that his muddy shoe went flying and hit Mok Guai Lan in the face and when he came over to apologize,she kicked his ASS in front of all these people. And then he was in LOOOOVE! I am interested in the iris concept, and now that you mention it I can see it in this kuan. Hmmm it has me thinking...THANKS

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    bean curd Guest
    yes, the love of an older man for a younger woman, very rare i

    mok kwei lan was interviewed a few times in the late sixties and in the early to mid 70's, on hong kong t.v.

    (mok kwei lan moved to hong kong, after wong fei hung passed away, taking her three children with her. she lived in glochester rd. wan chai, until her death)

    her son wong so, was the more known of the three, and has appeared in most of the photo's, with his mother.

    when wong's first son, wong yi sam was murdered, wong didn't teach any of his other children, mok kwei lan did after his death.

    i remember the story and i do know that it has been written up a few times, in different articles, both chinese and english.

    from what i remember, the gist of the situation, was wong fei hung was performing the dai pa,(great fork), and when he went to kick, his shoe came off and hit her, or came rather close to her face.

    she was still in her teens, i think late teens, and she went to him, and told him off, telling him, that one who was as great as he, shouldn't make any mistakes, then walked off.

    mok kwei lan then went onto say, that although wong fei hung wanted to marry her, and her uncle agreed(she was living with her uncle at the time), her mother was not impressed, because wong was in his late years.

    it took wong fei hung two years before he eventually got permission from the family to marry her.

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    Thank you SO much for the info about Mok Kwai Lan, Bean Curd! This part of my lineage really has me interested. It's the main reason I came on line here. You know I can't imagine many people talking Wong Fai Hung like that I bet she made quite a impact(lol)Thanks Again tigerlilly

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