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Thread: Pack Mei Pai

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    Lu Chi-hwa Guest

    Pack Mei Pai

    In these forums people talk about Pack Mei (Bak Mee). This was the first kung fu style I practised, and still love.
    I could never found books or articles on this style. Can any one help me?

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    Lau Guest
    try Ming Ya bookstore at the Gelderse kade. They should have the Pak Mei book by H.B Un.

    Ps, who is/was your Sifu?
    Regards, Lau

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    Lu Chi-hwa Guest
    Thank you for your information.
    I learned Pack Mei in Hong Kong from Alex Wu. He does not have a sportschool any more , but still does teach his friends.
    BTW who's your teacher?

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    Lau Guest
    Hello Lu Chi-Hwa,

    I train in amsterdam for a few years now. you can reach me at Ps. Gelderse kade is also in amsterdam. Do you know the bookstore?

    Regards Lau

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    wisdom mind Guest

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    Lau Guest
    Hello Wisdom mind,

    Nice to meet you. I saw the tape from your school once. Looked very good! Is your Sifu planning to produce more tapes? Good to see the short hand brothers united!

    Regards, Lau

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    wisdom mind Guest

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    mantis108 Guest
    Hi Lu Chi-Hwa,

    A warm welcome to you. I studied under Late Sifu Chow Fook during the late 70s and early 80s. It is certainly great to heard from Bak Mei brothers from HK. Care to share some of your thoughts regard the style? Anything at all would be appreciated.


    Contraria Sunt Complementa

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    Lu Chi-hwa Guest
    Hello mantis108,

    Any thoughts regard the style? Oke.
    Here is one.
    One important technique in Pak Mei is the sticking hands. Make contact once and continue to keep contact. But up till know I dont know any good excercise (in the Pak Mei system) developping this technique. In stead I use Taiji en Wing Chung excercises to develop this skill. I must say Wing Chun exercises are quite usefull for Bak Mei practisionars.

    BTW does anyone know the 9 step push (Jyou Bu Twei) form? If so, I got some questions.

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    Lau Guest
    Hi Lu Chi-hwa,

    I have / know of 3 books.
    1) Pak Mei kung fu by H.B. Un
    2) Pak Mei Tiger fork by Ng Yiu (I believe it's out of print)
    3) And there is an out of print book from Macao with the straight step punch form in it.
    Of these 3 books the first one is my favourite. It contains pictures of Sigung Cheung Lai Chuen performing Kao Bo Teau

    I have never heard of or seen a book about Pak Mei Chi Kung. What's in it?

    Regards Lau

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    Lu Chi-hwa Guest
    Hello Lau,

    The chi gung book is in chinese. I copied is from my teacher. Its Eh-mei chi gung and believed from the hand of Bak Mei. It contains three excercises.

    The print book from Macao, i think I got than one (its in Chinese), an illigal copie from Taiwan. They still sell this book there, but I think its al basic stuff and not realy interesting but nice to have.

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    Lau Guest
    Hi again,
    It seems like we have the same book from Macao. It's OK but nothing special. But you made me very curious about the other book. I would love to have some copies of that :-)

    How do you know that it's related to Pak Mei? Is it just a hunch or is it written in the book?

    Regards/ met vriendelijke groeten, Lau

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    Lu Chi-hwa Guest
    Hi Lau,

    Pak Mei Tiger fork by Ng Yiu? I did not know Pak Mei had weapons like that. The only weapon I know is the stick. Is this fork a pure Bak Mei weapon, or is it later introduced to the style?

    "How do you know that it's related to Pak Mei?" Yes its both in the title and written in the book? Are you sure your teacher doesn't have it? Its not a big secret, it are ordenary soft chi gung excersises.
    I did not bring the book with me, but I'll see what I can do ;-)

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    Lau Guest
    Imo Pak Mei tiger fork is originally from Lee Gar (Li Ga). The Pak Mei staff forms are also from Lee Gar. It's strange to see that a lot of styles incorporated forms from Lee Gar into their style while the original Lee Gar style is almost died out now. In Pak Mei only 3 or 4 forms are originally Pak Mei. The rest is 'borrowed' from styles like Lee Gar and Lung Ying.

    I lend the tiger fork book to a friend. But I can make some copies for you when I get it back. To me it's like the Macao book. It's OK but nothing special. Does this book of yours have an ISBN number so I can try to order it?
    Regards Lau

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    Lu Chi-hwa Guest
    Hi Lau,

    The chi-gung book is printed in the 60's or 70's. As I remember its printed in hong kong and it would supprise me if there was an ISBN number. I'll ask someone to scan the first page and send it to you.

    I will visit ming-ya book shop this week and see if the books you talk about are still available.

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