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Thread: Tonny Kho and Shaolin Hung Mei Pai Association

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    Boulder Student Guest

    Tonny Kho and Shaolin Hung Mei Pai Association

    I have a question. Is anyone familiar with Tonny Kho and his Shaolin Hung Mei Pai Association? The New York folks have the best chance of knowing him. Heres's the web page if you need more information to refresh your memory. I'm taking a look at the classes tonight run by one of his students, Shifu H. Solow.


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    Paul Skrypichayko Guest
    I've never heard of these guys or their style before. Judging by their website, I would be very cautious, and ask lots of questions before joining.

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    Je Lei Sifu Guest
    The knowledge I have of what Hung Mei Pai is suppose to be, is different than what is stated on this website.

    I don't know basically anything about Hung Mei Pai or its history. But what I have been told about Hung Mei Pai, is that it is a combination of Hung Gar and Bak Mei.

    My problem with their history is, Hung Gar and Hung Kuen (Hung Jeun as it is written on there web site) are one in the same. As a matter of fact, in Hong Kong people refer to the art as Hung Kuen and not Hung Gar. Hung Moon (Hung Men) means red door and the Hung in Hung Moon is written differently than the Hung in Hung Gar.

    The other question is if it comes from the same Hung Family as it is stated in their website, why is it northern and all the other styles mentioned are southern.

    According to my sifu, Hung Mei Pai is the combination of two southern styles. Hung Gar Kuen and Bak Mei.


    Je Lei Sifu

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    tricky-fist Guest
    Hey Boulder Student, how are you? It’s good to see you’re still on the board.

    I don’t really have anything to add to the previous posts in terms of the art’s history… Je Lei Sifu and Paul have always come across as very knowledgable and level-headed in their posts.

    My only point is not to discount the school on the basis of the history. From what I’ve seen on the board, no one is going to be completely satisfied with anyone else’s lineage or story no matter what. From my own personal experience, the schools that have been ‘suspect’ in the past but actually have legitimate roots are the schools that have spent the later half of the century developing in places like Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. There was a post a while back when everyone was ragging on Shawn28’s school on the basis of the website… but it ended up that the art was legit.

    I guess the class is the best place to look… really scrutinize the quality of their foundation training. Spend some time talking with the Sifu… you may or may not want to explain your martial arts background, but just get all your niggling questions out in the open at the beginning.
    At any rate, I hope that the visit goes well. Let us know what happens!


    Art is limitation; the essence of any picture is the frame - G.K Chesterson

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    Boulder Student Guest
    The visit went really well. The way the classes started and are conducted today was the most interesting part to me. Shifu Solow would workout and practice at the Recreation Center when he moved here for work in 1991. At that point he had been studying with Tonny Kho for 15+ years. A couple of folks asked him teach them. After a few months, he agreed. The classes have been held at the rec. center ever since. Students pay the $3.50 to get into the Recreation Center and the instruction is free. The school buys weapons and other items for the school by performing Lion Dances around the region.

    The classes are conducted in Chinese and English. About half the class was Chinese, which is impressive considering the demographics of the Front Range. Shifu Solow later volunteered that about 70% of the school is Chinese. I met the student who designed and manages the web site. It was his first, and he is trying to develop a business around web design. A really nice guy in his late teens or early 20s.

    The new students were doing nothing but stances, basic footwork, punching and blocking. The more experienced students spent almost the entire class doing two person drills and/or forms. Towards the end of class Shifu Solow and Tonny Kho's son, Rama, pulled out a three section staff and a spear and proceeded to literally fly through an impressive two person set. One false move at the speed they were moving and someone would have been seriously hurt.

    The fact that Rama was here studying with Shifu Solow was also pretty interesting. He is completing his martial eduction with Shifu Solow instead of staying back in New York. It says a lot for Shifu Solow.

    This is a family style through and through with a colorful family history. It seemed like a happy family too. Pretty cool.

    I have a feeling that it is unlikely that anyone that has not met a Hung Mei Pai student or Shifu directly would have ever heard of them. Until they put the web site up, they never advertised the existence of the school and have competed sparingly. They have kept a low profile for going on 30 years in the USA.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    tricky-fist Guest
    Sounds awesome!

    Are you thinking of training with them?


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    Boulder Student Guest

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