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Thread: Yau Kung Moon / Pak Mei connection

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    Lau Guest

    Yau Kung Moon / Pak Mei connection

    Hi, I just saw in the 'Lacey / Pak Mei tread' that we have a Yau Kung Moon practicioner on the board. Bastet, Can you please shed some light on the Yau Kung Moon / Pak Mei connestion? I saw a video once on which two Yau Kung Moon forms were demonstrated (American school). One form looked a lot like our Sam Moon Kuen (3 doors fist)

    I've heard some stories about the connection but I would rather hear the real story from a Yau Kung Moon Practitioner.

    Regards, Lau

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    MoQ Guest
    You will most likely not get a "real" story from the Yau Gung Mun.

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    Bastet Guest
    Hello Lau

    Id be happy to share what I know....
    As far as the "real story" goes, only those that were involved would know that, its a little like chinese whispers i think (no pun intended).

    MoQ - all I can say is MMRREEOOWW
    , im not so easily offended.

    Ok, Its true that our late GM Ha Hon Hung learned Pak Mei under Cheung Lai Cheun, he was one of the most seniour of his students, learning the complete system. It is also true that they had a fallout for various reasons, info that was given to my sifu by my sigung (who was a student of Ha Hon Hung).

    We do use Pak Mei handforms in the syllabus, our external forms are PM and they have the same names. The true Yau Kung Mun sytem is a completely internal system that is not PM. It includes 3 internal forms + iron palm, meditations, herbs, iron ball training and more. We do not claim to be Pak Mei, but apparently there are schools in S. China called Yau Kung Mun Pak Mei.

    Cheung Lai Chung taught his syudents different versions of the forms (original or modified) depending on how much they paid and what rank they were. Through my Sifus study in Southern China with PM & YKM masters he has found that the names of the forms and the way we perform them is the same as what is being done there.

    We have a Pak Mei history, but also a history of the internal (true YKM) that came from the Shaolin monk Tit Yan . We do not use the PM history or name though because we do not represent PM only YKM. It is a little like how Jow Gar doesnt call itself Hung Gar even though they have some of the same forms.

    I notice that you do Pak Mei Lau, what have you heard about the connection (obviously MoQs version wasnt particularly favourable)? Be nice guys, we have great respect for the Pak Mei system, after all - we're almost brothers (sister/brother whatever). [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    Blessed Be,

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    Lau Guest
    so far I only heard a same story like MoQ, But your story sounds plausible. So The Yau Kung Moon grandmaster did the same thing as Cheung Lai Chuen and combined some styles to create a new style. There is another interesting thread about that now. I'm glad I know the Yau kung Moon perspective on the story.

    I'm interested to hear what Pak Mei forms your school practices? Do you have a website?

    Regards, Lau

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    wisdom mind Guest
    there are similarities in the description for sure

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