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Thread: Bak Fu Pai Dragon of the Ocean Form?

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    bakfuchoy Guest

    Bak Fu Pai Dragon of the Ocean Form?

    Are there any advance practitioners of Bak Fu Pai in here that has learned this form. I have a couple of questions concerning some different movements in the form. Another form I have question on is White Tiger Exiting the Forest. Any comments? Oh by the way I do not want this to turn into a Jim Lacy hate page. I know all about Jim Lacy and most people who talk about him have never even met him. I want to talk about Jung Shee Doo Wai's art.

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    Fubokuen Guest
    You want to talk about Doo's family art with Lacy's stolen bootlegs as a reference? Okay, shoot, what are the names of the techniques you have questions on and and I'll essay on them for you. If you have info from a shi fu why can't you just ask your shi fu?

    You can't expect to purchase bootleg recordings and then ask the artist to help you out with understanding the lyrics. The art belongs to the artist' copyright. Don't be so proud that you have illegal recordings of GM Doo Wai. It means absolutely nothing.

    Why do you pretend to "know" Jim Lacy? Why do you come onto a WW forum making some of the silly claims you have made and expect to be taken seriously??? When you repeat things he's told you, don't you know that you are looking foolish and even insulting to those you are reaching out to?

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    Fubokuen Guest
    Grandmaster Doo Wai responds:

    "Well Kyle, you got the highest ranking Bak Fu Pai here, this is Grandmaster Doo Wai, I've seen you post me as your instructor and also now you indicated you are defending Jim Lacy. What do you want to know?"

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    bakfuchoy Guest
    Fubokuen, I have thought it over and I have decided that you are sheer genious. Your intelligence is so overwhelming how could anyone ever talk in the same conversation as you. Who in the hell is Kyle though?

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    Pa Su Lang Guest
    What is all of this about!!!!

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    MoQ Guest
    I THINK what this is about is that Kyle here has some unauthorized bootleg info that he purchased from a known conman and fraud, and is now trying to act inappropriately on a public forum using the name of a system that he's not a part of and making false claims that were easily uncovered.

    It also appears that he's now being offered a chance to direct questions about his unauthorized footage to the Grandmaster of the System in which he falsely claims to be certified to teach.

    It's pretty funny...

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