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Thread: Frank Yee's dit da jow: Is it any good?

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    humblewarrior Guest

    Frank Yee's dit da jow: Is it any good?

    I have read that frank Yee has shared his own personal dit da jow formula on his hung gar tapes that he made with ESPY-tv. Is it good for iron palm, breaking boards, hitting and kicking bags, and wooden dummy training? I know that Frank Yee is supposed to be a well-respected sifu.

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    DF Guest
    Which formula are you refering to?

    The dit da jow formula is meant for treating bruises and not be used on open wounds.
    There is a cooking medicine formula for the iron palm which is different from the dit da jow formula and the preparation is different.
    Please be advise that without proper personal instruction from a sifu, one should not do all those training by him or herself.
    Having the formulas is fine, but nothing beat a close eye by a sifu just incase something goes wrong.


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    humblewarrior Guest
    I do not intend to do any iron palm training until I find a sifu, but I do not think that it is a good idea to trust any iron palm liniment, as I have read that there are many frauds on the market. Could you plese recommend an iron palm liniment that would be good for iron palm, breaking boards, and wooden dummy training?

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    Wah Ren Jie Guest
    In regards to your question. Sifu Frank Yee is a very reputable master. He is also a certified chinese herbalist. Your best bet though is to get your linament through the sifu you intend to study under. Everyone's methods are somewhat different and everyone's reactions to certain herbs are different. It's better to have someone who can what your reactions and who knows what the appropriate reactions are, administer your linaments. Good Luck!!

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    humblewarrior Guest
    But how can you know for sure that the liniment your sifu uses really works? i would rather have one that has been proven to work for sure.

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    qy Guest
    Why are you getting ready to practice iron palm with a sifu you don't trust?

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    illusionfist Guest
    touche' qy!!!! If you are worried about a jow just make sure you get it from a noted iron palm teacher or TCM specialist.

    Peace [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    qy Guest
    Unless of course, you have a SIFU. Then you ask them. If you don't have a SIFU that teaches YOU iron palm, don't do iron plam.

    umm hi Illusion

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    Wah Ren Jie Guest
    That would be the same as saying how do you know your sifu is any good. If your sifu is qualified to teach iron palm he should also be qualified to administer the proper jow. Your immediate problem is finding a sifu you trust. Contact other Sifus in or associated with that lineage. Tit Jueng training and dit da jow go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other. If you don't trust your sifu's linament don't train in his method.

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    humblewarrior Guest
    Well, how do you know that the other sifu's in that lineage will lie, also?

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    Wah Ren Jie Guest
    I'll say it again. Don't train with a sifu you don't trust. If you're thinking of doing this training on your own, don't. Someone who knows what to look for has to observe you. You can seriously damage your hands all the way up to making yourself sterile. Be very careful. gung hay faat choy.

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    humblewarrior Guest
    I really appreciate your concern, and I have no desire to do the training without an instructor. I just want to know of a good jow that has been proven to work. Brian Gray said that you should not trust any jow that has not been proven. He said that if you have blind faith in Qusaimodo, then you deserve what Quasimodo does to you.

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    Wah Ren Jie Guest
    I understand what you mean completely. But if you don't speak the language and haven't studied Chinese medicine, there is no way to know for sure if what you're getting "really" works. One thing is for certain. You should (at the very least)be able to trust your Sifu's opinion over some stranger on the internet. Gung hay faat choy!

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    humblewarrior Guest
    Well, some sifu are nuts who do not care about the safety of their students' well-being, so I do not think that it is a good idea to be too quick to immediately have blind faith in a sifu, either.

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    Wah Ren Jie Guest
    Just as it is the Sufu's perrogative and duty to be sure of his student's integrity, so is it the student's job to be sure of the qualifications and integrity of his Sifu. Gung hei faat choy.

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