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Thread: Anybody know about Green Dragon Kung Fu Tapes???

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    Pa Su Lang Guest

    Anybody know about Green Dragon Kung Fu Tapes???

    I see the Green Dragon Studio's ads in kung fu magazines all the time and I was just wondering if anyone had any comments on their tapes. The Green Dragon Sifu is John Allen who runs ads in different magazines. Any advice???

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    SnakeEagle Guest
    What type of material are you interested in. mabey I coud steer you to something youd enjoy?,What kinda style do you do? or interested in if a begginer? Id be glad to help in any way possible
    Snake Eagle

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    chessboxer Guest

    Snake Eagle, have you seen any of his tapes? I have heard various things both neg and postive. What systems do you have experience in? Alot of the articles that green dragon has done have seem credible. Any info or opinions will be appreciated.

    Humbly yours

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    MoQ Guest
    They are mainly a "forms warehouse" and all detail and subtlety are gone. If you are looking for just forms for competition, they have some interesting looking stuff, but like I said, all stylistic nuance is gone. They blow through everything at the same speed and basically seem like they think it's all the same. You get the feeling that they weren't "taught" any of the material. They are very poor with the "internal" stuff because they are into body building and "strong always wins" and the Bak Mei and White Lotus they claim just sux a$$...

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    Ben Gash Guest
    Their northern stuffs pretty funny too. Way too rigid, and lacking balance and focus, and the verbal delivery just sends me to sleep!

    "Weapons are the embodiments of fear,
    the wise use them only when they have no choice"
    Lao Tzu

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    chessboxer Guest

    Yes, I know they offered many forms. I do recall a few years back John R. Allen put out a article on strength vs technique. It started alot of bad press and so fourh. Just where did John R Allen get his training? What videos or books would you guys suggest to get for information? Any suggestion or opinions??

    Humbly yours

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    fiercest tiger Guest

    i have a pak mei tape of theirs!!!

    well they do have some nice looking stuff but, no resemblance to pak mei, postures no tun tou fau chum. 70% of weight on back foot, bum not tucked in, spine not straight.


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    chessboxer Guest

    Fiercest Tiger, how should the weight distribution be? So they do the movement but lack the detail that makes it powerful. I know that making the spine straight and tucking in the pelvis is common in many king fu systems. I have read about bak mei, yet i have no hands on knowledge about the system...maybe you could give your opinion on this.

    Humbly yours

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    fiercest tiger Guest

    chess boxer

    weight is 50-50 even, but there hole structure is out of wack. never get ging like this!!

    moves have similarities but not what i was after, no where near the real thing. all depends on what you want buddy.

    hope this helps abit.. :)


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    UberShaman Guest
    they are the first to admit all there forms are put through the grid of southern shaolin. The forms are performed that way on purpose , if you ever see there team perform its much better. Sifu Allen studied with 6 sifus I believe lee ying arng was his main teatcher but he studied with chang deng cheng for 6 yrs aswell. At least he doesnt change the forms for the tapes like some well known sifus do., the narration on the tapes usually doesnt give as much info as id like about the forms histories, but he will gladly answer questions by mail, or phone if your lucky enough for them to give you the number,you should see his female students doing iron palm breaks,, he definetly knows his stuf

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    chessboxer Guest

    I remember most of the articles that I saw in Inside Kung Fu it had mostly females in the green dragon articles. The moves were demonstrated by females, that was a new thing for me to see. i remember in their old ads there was a pic of John, Chang, and Chicoine together.

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    fiercest tiger Guest


    what is the web site of these guys...


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    chessboxer Guest

    Green dragon doesnt have a web site. Yet, Gene Chicoine does. The url is <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A> I know Chicoine was working with John Allen for a while.

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    Pilgrim Guest

    John Allen's teacher

    John Allen may have had a number of teachers. One that is not mentioned is Feeman Ong, one of the first to teach kung fu in northern Ohio. Master Ong graduated from Barberton Highschool in the late 1940's early 1950's.Master Ong's teachers were supposedly three people, a master Kao Tao Sheng, currently living in Taiwan. He's old, in his 80's,and while head of the school,most training is done by his senior students. Master Kao was supposedly a teacher who pushed you to your physical limits. Then there was a master Jin, who was into internal training and of course taught with a lot of heart. Feeman Ong's main teacher was a master Lau, one of those people who left to ,"go to the mountains." However Fernando Blanco Dopazo (The Mantis Cave)says Feeman Ong studied under Wang Song Ting, a mantis sifu from Shantong. If you look in the Green Dragon catalog, you'll see that a lot of the forms are from the Feeman Ong curriculum. Feeman Ong was legendary in the Cleveland/Akron area. He had a huge school, was really into herb formulas that were supposedly secret or very special.He had lots of training programs, from the 100 days arm grabs, to the big and small body, to the power exercises, and lots more. Small in height but over 200 pounds. When he died, his son took over the school and that caused lots of bickering or resentments among other students. If you look in the Akron yellow pages you'll see off shoots of the Feeman Ong school. Whatever you think of Feeman Ong and his students, they really are dedicated practitioners. REALLY dedicated. They train. Some people feel that the forms are a wierd blend of northern and southern forms. I don't know. I do know that what I've learned has helped me on the path. All errors, if any, are mine.

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    chessboxer Guest

    Thanks Pilgrim for the information. What about Gene Chicoine? What is his connection to John R Allen and green dragon?

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