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Thread: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Wood

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    word Guest

    Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Wood

    A guy says he trained kung fu for 14 years. It was "tang Lang Kul Sul" Wow mixed crap. The guy did a mantis cathces the cicada in a right cat stance. His mantis style has no 7 star stance. That is unheard of. A Mantis style with no 7 star stance? Yeah, real kung fu.

    One of his sifus was teaching the ELEMENTAL STYLE. He had a hand form for water, a form for earth, one for fire etc..

    There's more fake kung fu. Reminds me of a form for crane, oen for dragon, one for tiger, HAY SAY FU's secret lineage of hung gar. Have you guys even seen those movements? They are strange and don't even resemle kung fu at all.

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    Kevin Barkman Guest
    Hi Word,

    I don't know who or what you are talking about, but I like the "intro" lead into Ng Hang theory, and hope this won't turn into a "flame" thread against the Wing Lam folks.

    In Hung Gar, it seems like the 5 elements are studied like a seperate science. In Dragon Style, this knowledge is more hidden, but still considered important. In fact, there are two forms (or possibly more?) which are based on five element theory. However, it seems this is taught to few people nowadays. This study seems potentially very valuable when trying to understand the art holistically. Has anyone done any real work in this area of their art?

    Cheers - kevin

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    bigbear Guest
    How can you say that they resemble kung fu or not. If they work then they are effective. those animal forms that you talk about from Hay Say Fu are real enough. there are the animal forms in Jow Gar kung Fu, a crane form, a single tiger form , a big tiger form, a snake form etc. There is even a 5 animal form. Get your facts straight before you make accusations.elements are just other names for liver, kidney, heart etc. The elements are to condition the different internal organs

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    word Guest
    Jow Gar is Jow Gay. Hung Gar does not have these special animal forms. Wing made it up so he can teach more to the students etc.

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    bigbear Guest
    Always the deprived one aren't you word. you must be the master of all systems, but only in your sleep.

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