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Thread: Question for Richard Mantis

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    MonkeySlap Guest

    Question for Richard Mantis

    ust curious.
    Gin Foon Mark says he invented the two man training in Southern Mantis. This seems a little odd to me, as two man training is a common facet in Chinese Martial Arts, and I know as a fact that Chu Gar mantis has very distinct two man forms and two man training.
    I mean no disrespect, but what kind of two man training did Master Mark invent? I really am just curious, and mean no disresect. (and I know flamers use the same words, so I apologize for the bad monkeys out there.)

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    David Guest
    I understood Richard to have said Master Mark created the 2-man versions of the *forms* in Jook Lum - not the chongs and chi sao.

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    Richard mantis Guest
    Jook Lum did have two man training.
    Master Mark and his partner Ho Dun broke down some of the Jook Lum Mantis system and developed a series of two man forms to teach certain individual aspects of Jook Lum.
    Also the forms make the system easier to teach.

    My original post was copied from Master Marks
    website and was not written by me. The webmaster at that site is responsible for the exact wording. The notice refers only to Master Gin Foon Marks association.

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