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Thread: Southern set Um Lung

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    Southern set Um Lung

    SO much to my surprise I saw someone post about a set, Um Lung, that I thought was only in my sifus lineage. Can anyone tell me if they also perform this set and how it got into their lineage??

    Thanks, R.

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    Do you mean Ng Lun Ma? If so, that's Five (Ng) Wheel (Lun) Horse (Ma). There's also Ng Lun Chui, which is 5 Wheel Fist. These are the two most basic fundamental sets of all Choy Lee Fut (or they should be as far as I know) designed to develop a strong, mobile horse and then adding the first basic hands and san sou combinations onto them.

    However, if you actually meant Um Lung, then I don't know! Lung means dragon, don't know about Um.

    Could you be more specific? What is your sifu's lineage?
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    Um lung

    My sifu primarily teaches a family system that is an amalgamation of Hung gar, Short hand Choy li fut and southern Sil lum. The system was passed down within the family. I was under the impression that the family signature set was called Um lung.

    Yes I know about the 2 basic sets taught in CLF. Wish that is was that simple.

    I looked all over the inter-net for some evidence of this set being taught by other lineages and didn't see it anywhere. Funnily enough someone posted it as a pre-Hung gar set on another forum.

    So this was just my attempt to be thorough. Hey no point getting ****ed at someone (for accumulating the set) if the set really isn't just from our family. I just seem to notice some people showing up at tournaments with cam-corders and seeing them doing another styles set as their own within a short time.

    Cheers, R

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    Smile Oom Long Kuen

    Hi R,

    Are you refering to 5th Brother Fist (Oom / Ng Long Kuen)?

    What an incredibly powerful and comprehensive set! I thought this was unique to Wong Cheun Yip's lineage as well...

    It would take a pretty dedicated person to attempt to learn this form from a videotape!

    Hope you guys are doing well!

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    Ao Qin

    Hi there Ao Qin!!!

    Happy New Year and best wishes to all of you up there in the armpit of Canada.

    I see that my spelling must not be correct and yes I did mean the 5th Brother set. Thank you for correcting my spelling. Haven't spoken to you since I was out to see sifu in November.

    Yes I agree that learning this set from a video would be horrendous!!!! Still I wondered where someone had acquired the set and whether what they had been taught came form us or was in fact either a reduced or different set.

    I am waiting for some more info to come in but I see that you came to the same conclusion as I did re this being a family set.

    Cheers, R

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    Are you talking about choy lay fut?

    kung fu books

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    No, it's Toisan 5 animals southern Shaolin as taught by Wong Chun Yip.
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