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Thread: Attn:Hark Yau Yang Hung Gar practioners

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    qy Guest

    Attn:Hark Yau Yang Hung Gar practioners

    I was wondering about your internal practices . Also would like to know about how adding the 6th animal has helped your system. I am very interested in seeing a demo of the sheperds staff form does anyone know where I can see a tape on this?

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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    illusionfist Guest
    We are a tightly knit group and we don't make videos. We are afraid we will suffer from sifus learning our stuff from bootlegs [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

    Peace [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    qy Guest
    how can I get info then, I would like to see a demo before commiting to this system? I heard you do some uniqe forms like Yak and the sheep grazing?

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    illusionfist Guest
    How did you come across the sacred Iron Sheep Grazing Spinal Compression Wire form?

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    illusionfist Guest
    Our most sacred technique is the Gra Zing Fist utilized in our Yak Form in the 6 animals set

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    qy Guest
    I heard that this is an amazing form developing "hot chi" and the hui yin area is opened? what is the fighting application of this skill?

    Wow I am so excited to learn about this system.

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    illusionfist Guest
    Our Great Grandmaster Hu Flung Dung is the one who perfected the Iron Sheep Grazing Spinal Compression Wire form.

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    Self-Thinking Follower Guest
    Qy, if your referring to the staff form, by the same name, required in Ching Wu (Mo) studies, I believe ESPY has a tape available of the Ying Jow Pai version, from the school of Leung,Shum -sifu.

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    qy Guest
    In the Yak forms what kind of footwork do you use? what are the other 5 animals I only know of Yak ?

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    qy Guest
    wow STW thanks for the tip, Has anyone eles seen this tape?

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    Self-Thinking Follower Guest
    Or, you could visit Song of Shan at He-man province, he's one of those monks.

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    illusionfist Guest
    We also use the no shadow bucking kick, a very dangerous technique. The sound that cultivates the internal energy for the move is "baaaaaaaaaahhh"

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    qy Guest
    STF full of info on this topic, thanks for the help... do you have an email address for one of these monks?
    I would like more info on this rare family style of Hung Gar.

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    Self-Thinking Follower Guest
    Yep, Billy G @

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    illusionfist Guest
    Hot Chi is utilized for the techniques "Fierce Black Sheep Descends the mountain" and "Hungry Black Sheep Eats the Grass."

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