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Thread: Hung Gar Forms!??!?!?!

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    Tekarius Guest

    Hung Gar Forms!??!?!?!

    Ok my Sifu also teaches Hung Gar but he told me that there is only four forms in Hung Gar.
    The four forms he teaches are Gung Jee Fok Fu Kuen, Fu Hok Sheung Ying Kuen, Sahp Ying Kuen, and Tid Sin Kuen. But I found out that there is an extra form called Ng Ying Kuen.

    So my question is, is my Sifu wrong or that site I looked up wrong??

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    illusionfist Guest
    Nobody is wrong in this case. Some lineages teach you Ng Ying Kuen (five animals) before Sup Ying Kuen (10 forms fist, i.e. Five animal & Five Elements). Sup Ying Kuen just adds five more lines of moves.

    Peace [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    Je Lei Sifu Guest
    And some branches don't do sup ying at all.

    Je Lei Sifu

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    Tekarius Guest
    Interesting. So what's traditional Hung Gar??
    So what do you guys study??

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    Paul Skrypichayko Guest
    The three main forms of Hung Gar are Gung Ji Fook Fu Kuen, Fu Hok Seung Ying, and Tit Sin Kuen.

    Even just one form, like gung ji, can give you plenty to study and train. Anything else is really just bonus or extra.

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    CPS Guest
    Ng ying kuen was "created" by Wong Fei Hung. Later Lam Sai Wing added the five elements and the form became the Sap ying kuen. (So the reason that the Tang Fung lineages do not practise Sap Ying is that Tang Fung did not learn this form, because it didn't exist yet.)
    Later Ng Ying Kuen was re-added by Chiu Kao, this to fill the gap between Fu Hok and Sap Ying.
    Chan Hon Chung did the same, but only for his foreign students (e.g. Yim Uglow in London).

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    Paul Skrypichayko Guest
    Charris, I'll disagree with you on this one until I find better info. Most of Lam Sai Wing's students, including Chan Hon Chung, Lam Jo, and others, do not practice Ng Ying Kuen. I find it pretty unusual that Jim Uglow does this form, but perhaps he learned it from an outside source.

    Maybe a likely story would be that Chiu Kao learned it from someone in the Tang Fung lineage? Does anybody know if Chiu Kao's Ng Ying Kuen is the same as Tang Fung's?

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    illusionfist Guest
    Guys it is not some mystery, the forms are exactly the same except the addition of the five new lines (elements section). Hell, the end is exactly that of Fu Hok!!

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    Octavius Guest
    Hello, please excuse me if this is not the thread to post this to (and if so, kindly point me in the right direction), but has anyone heard of Hung Mun? I think it was a triad system but somehow got absorbed into traditional (Canton) Hung, especially in Taiwan. Is this true? Anyone know? How different (or similar) is it to Canton Hung? Thanks.

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    Tekarius Guest
    So what does your Sifu teaches you guys?? What forms does he teach??
    BTW are there any Hung Gar way to Knucle conditioning and strong stance developing??
    Cause I heard that Hung Gar concentrates on strong stances and powerful hand techniques.

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    illusionfist Guest
    Tek- the way we build our stances is by holding them for long periods of time. It's something that is not a secret and all MA's utilize this. Basically its one of the things you can't get around so you might at as well "eat bitter" and just do it.

    The powerful hand techniques come from the bridge work that is found throughout hung gar. I don't know if i can accurately explain bridgework though because there is still a lot about it that i don't understand [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

    Peace [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    Tekarius Guest
    Thx for the info IllusionFist and sorry guys I ask so many questions. I'm kind of new in CMA and don't know too much about this art.
    BTW IllusionFist and Paul do you guys still go to the chat room that Prarie Girl gave out I think it was called Dragonlist??? Also where is Prarie Girl?

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    overdemon Guest
    hey Illusion fist!

    I wanna know if you know some good books on Hung gar(fung kuen)
    The problem I have is:

    1 We don't have a kwoon in Suriname(some ****place in south america)

    2 The older guys care nothing but Mah tjok!!

    3 My father don't want to learn Hung Gar when he was in china(some where in 1945)
    cuz in that time he spent his time smoking!
    (we had hung gar in "Su sak ha" clan/village)

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    CPS Guest
    Ng Ying Kuen in Chiu Kao lineage is just the half Sap Ying Kuen, sometimes however first taught with the same end as Fu Hok.
    So with re-adding I ment just teaching the half Sap Ying Kuen first and call it Ng YIng Kuen.
    As for the creation of Sap Ying Kuen. In Lam Jo lineage it's told that Lam Sai Wing made it by adding the elements to the Ng Ying Kuen. If you have heard any other stories on this , let me know.

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    Je Lei Sifu Guest
    refering to the stance work and the bridge hand techniques, the saying goes something like. First build a bridge and then cross it with horse. Basically, you use your bridge hand to connect to the oponent and your stance work to get close enough to strike.

    Je Lei Sifu

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