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Thread: Choy Lay Fut in New York City?

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    Biejo Guest

    Choy Lay Fut in New York City?

    Does anyone know of any CLF instructors in NYC or surrounding area?

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    Biejo Guest
    C'mon guys. One of you has to know something. Please help me out.


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    vingtsun-nyc Guest
    There are no schools in New York City that teach Choy Lay Fut. There may be individuals that may teach it privately. You will have to look elsewhere, or find another style.

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    MaFuYee Guest
    doesn't david ross also teach clf? in addition to lama? - or are the 2 just intermixed?

    * ask "lkfmdc"

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    Biejo Guest
    Could you provide me with the contact info for any of these individuals?

    Email me at if you'd prefer not to post the info.


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    lkfmdc Guest
    My sifu, Chan Tai-San, indeed knows Choy Lay Fut and taught it. As his assistant for many years, I learned some of it and saw tons of it. But I do not teach it. Lama Pai is my thing, that is what I do. I do not teach my sifu's choy lay fut

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    phantom Guest
    Beijo, if you are willing to travel a little outside of the city, then I remember reading about a school over in Nyack,N.Y. that teaches Hung Gar, and the chinese master who is the head sifu there also is a master of choy li fut. I do not know the name of the school, but I think it contains Hung Gar in its name. I also do not know if this sifu actually teaches choy li fut. You will just have to try to contact the school and find out.

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