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Thread: Speed and agility ( Footwork)

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    CLOUD 1 Guest

    Speed and agility ( Footwork)

    Do you think that the ''Ma Bo'' in all kung fu styles is the most important aspect. Or is it the techniques of the hands?

    If you think ''Ma Bo'' is the most important then read further, if not don't bother!

    To me ''Ma Bo'' is the most important because all the teachers throughout my life stress this notion. ''Protect yourself first''.
    Do you agree having a good ''Ma Bo''allows you to do this,even before your hands come out, having the OPTION to stike or not to strike.

    If you don't believe this then you must train harder on this aspect because this is the route to all Kung Fu. e.g breathing
    power(ging lik)
    calm state
    alighnment E.T.C

    Without ''Ma Bo'' your Kung Fu is nothing but a fancy mess. Most people on this forum stress too much on hand techniques e.g Sticky Hands, lap sau, e.t.c.
    Why are you taught these hand drills when you have no postioning?
    Do you fight lb for lb or toe to toe?

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    sui-fuw Guest
    you are a credit to your si-fu,or visa-versa.
    i hope you don't get to big for your boots????

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    CLOUD 1 Guest

    How Many Hands?

    Sui Fuw,
    How Many hands do you play with: one or two?

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    sui-fuw Guest

    tricky question

    i suppose none....
    do you play with your head?or is it other peoples
    heads? cloud in sky
    cloud in my head
    clouded judgements.

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    CLOUD 1 Guest

    Ha HaHa

    I wandered lonely as a cloud
    That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
    When all at once I saw a crowd,
    A host, of golden daffodils;
    Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
    Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

    'William Wordsworth'

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    sui-fuw Guest
    thanks for that,it was up lifting.
    maybe mantis 108 and moq should read it,to help the chill out,cause they need it.

    thanks again cloud 1,you live up to your name...

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    cloud 1
    i did 1 hour every night, when training with my sifu because i was late to job!

    stances are the most important when training ones kung fu.correct posture, breathing, mind set,conditioning, sensitivity drills, meditations are all involved in just stance work.
    excellent topic. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    CLOUD 1 Guest

    Fierce Tiger

    Nice to see that your SiFu has taught you correctly.
    One thing bothers me. On Kung Fu Forum, there was a thread on straight punch. You replied you would attack the arm then strike and take him out. Do you practice with the right foot forward?

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    Fubokuen Guest
    You'll probably find no one to argue about the importance of foundation, but there seems to be a distinct KIND of rooting in certain south hand systems that takes a particular attention and practice. There is simply no way to manipulate the posture and generate the power without a strong sense of root. Lots of power distribution, all without a deep/wide stance, the ground must be GRIPPED.

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    CLOUD 1 Guest


    Why is it do you think that the stances are not wide. Do you say that the ground must be GRIPPED at all times?

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    Fubokuen Guest
    CLOUD1- I didn't say "at all times" and I'm abit surprised you don't know what I mean. Do you practice the Lung Ying Mor Kiu? Do you have deep or wide stances? Do you want to address my question about posture from the sad "Hakka Bak Mei" thread?

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    CLOUD 1 Guest


    I do not practise Lung Ying mor que.
    Although i have heard it is similar to Pak Mei.

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    sui-fuw Guest
    no-one answerd,cause you didn't ast in the right tone of voice.know it all,you've been conned like the others,played like a fiddle fuboviolin.....

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    MoQ Guest



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    sui-fuw Guest
    moq nice to see you,thanks for the compliment,looks like you got the KFO ADMIN IN YOUR can get away with the insults,but no-one elae can,please,pretty please tell me your secret?
    p,s i try very hard to train to get to the moron level,i hope i've pass the stage of being a troll?
    thanks again,your the greatest.

    your humble servant s.w.

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