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Thread: Highest Hung Gar Grand Master?

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    Pablo Guest

    Highest Hung Gar Grand Master?

    1: I was wondering if someone knows who is the Highest Hung Gar Grand Master still alive. Is it Lum Jo?

    2: Who is the Highest Hung Gar Grand Master in North America?


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    Paul Skrypichayko Guest
    There is no "highest ranking" master of hung gar. Lam Jo would only be seen as the highest ranking master by his students.

    Same thing for North America, no official head master, and it's up to the individuals as to who they recognize.

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    doug maverick Guest


    all do there are many sect. of kung fu the most common is canton hung gar which has two branchs starting from won fei hung they are the tung fung branch witch is more traditional and there is the lam sai wing set witch has more improvements there are two current head masters of each branch,lum jo heads the lum sai wing sect. started by his uncle lum sai wing, and frank yee or yee chi wai heads the tung fung branch

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    DF Guest

    Head of Tang Fong

    Hi all,

    Just for the record, my sifu Frank Yee never claimed to be the head of any lineage. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_eek.gif[/img]
    Frank Yee is only the head of Yee's Hung Ga Kung Fu Association.
    We feel that there is no need to say and to appoint anyone as head of any lineage. One big family working together to promote kung fu is more important than spending time thinking who is the head man or woman.



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    doug maverick Guest

    your right

    i could'nt agree more df hung is hung gar we all half mostly the same technique with a few changes here and there but the sytem with the exception of hay say fu is the same. hay say fu is like our canton style two but it works more on the five animals.

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    Paul Skrypichayko Guest

    yes yes yes?

    black tiger, it seems like you really have your facts straight.

    I've never heard anyone recognizing Lam Jo other than his students/grandstudents.

    Is ha say fu at all like hung gar? That's one thing I wouldn't know about. Never seen it up close, or performed by any high level masters.

    I agree that all real hung gar is pretty similar. But even the great masters had good students and lousy students, so you can have two totally different takes on the same thing. It may be similar, but definately not the same. Some versions can be different and correct at the same time, and some can be completely wrong. It's best to analyze everything yourself and then make your opinions

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    word Guest

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    Subitai Guest

    oh wee wee on your pee pee poor TROLL

    Yeah go ahead and ask Molum Jr. I don't know if it's true our not. Tis long before my time. What I do know is that chaos is a possibility of human nature. You know what? It wouldn't matter to me if it was true. You are reaching for anything and nobody is listening to you.

    Molum-Jr, will also verify that he knows our Si Sook in HSF Hung Gar.

    So you don't want to bring him into this because he's one of a few people outside of our school that knows very much about our style and it's validity. You should know from MJ's other posts that he knows Wing Lams brother in law that is very good at HSF. For had better choose a different witness than Molum.

    Indirectly whenever he(MJ) posted information on HSF, he blew your uneducated and misinformed crap out of the water.
    But in usual TROLL fashion you chose to conveniently ignore him and criticize someone like Kung Lek for having a webpage that has info on it. I doubt you even scratched KL's pride. (bad troll attempt)

    For the record, I don't see Molum Jr as a super friend of Wing Lam or an enemy. I see him as a knowledgeble(for sure in the bay area wise) kung fu guy that's got some years on him. Seems to me that his posts have been indifferent to your rants about our sifu yet very informative at the same time.
    Especially since he trained w/ my Sifu in the past. He knows his history, that is certain. In fact, because of his older history (than mine) w/ Sifu, you might say hes my older brother. I would love to take him out to Dim Sum or "PHO" one day just to pick his brain about the past. (ala 70's) Yeah, he's like a walking database of Kung Fu info. cool beans!!

    Leave it to you WORD, to try and turn yet another thread vs my Sifu. You should really try voodoo or vampirism, i think you'll have better luck.


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    Subitai Guest

    That's what I thought!!!!!!!

    WORD??? Did I just hear a Tumbleweed blow by??? **

    You better recognize!!! The silence is deafening, but bliss.

    Now back to the subject. DF, shows the correct spirit of one family. We are too big a family to be able to claim one overall head.

    Lets us pray that we never reach an inner turmoil like some of the WC groups have.


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