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Thread: Northern Shaolin and kicking

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    LEGEND Guest
    jiga...wing chun schools and most southern kung fu arts kick low!


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    Grays Anatomy Guest


    Why does kicking low-to-middle make you "limited"?

    Yes - many schools kick low to middle and I am sure a lot of the practitioners here will tell you that MOST but not ALL of the kicks are low in most of the Southern KF and some of the Northern as well.


    There are ALWAYS exceptions. If you train your kicks low-to-middle then most of your combat kicking will be low-to-middle (as you have read here, many people feel that this is where most of your power is) - no argument there BUT a good martial artist who has gotten good training will modify what is in their arsenal to fit the situation.

    If you train low-to-middle kicks and you are in a situation where NOTHING else will work but a high kick then you kick high.

    I would be hard pressed to think of a situation where nothing in your arsenal will work except for a high kick.

    [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]
    Can you? Maybe if your hands are tied and someone is standing on a table....I don't know.
    [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]

    If you want to go home from class and train all those low-to-middle kicks in the upper gate then do s

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    GLW Guest

    Two items on this

    1. There is a story of Wu Song in Outlaws of the Marsh. He was imprisoned and the guards were paid to kill him. His arms were chained and his legs were also in soe accounts bound. Using leg techniques that included high kicking and using the chains he defended himself. This is preserved in a couple of sets called Wu song breaks manacles. So, the ability to kick high is not 100% useless even though low to mid level kicks are much more practical.

    2. The stretching and practice required to kick high can and will make your lower kicks easier, faster, and more powerful. In Zhaquan, the saying is "Stances - train low, use high, Kicks - train high, use low" for just this reason.

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    YoungForest Guest
    the fact that when i ask "sifu, why don't we kick head level.." and he replays "your groing is unprotected..."
    is why i might think is fake...that is a reason but its a dumb one

    if you have fast and powerful kicks, there is no one someone can kick you in the groing..

    1/100 times maybe...but hardly..
    what about TKD sparring, when they kick high, do they get hit all the time in the groing?

    Do you see where i'm going with this?

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    Jimbo Guest
    A lot of times, when you see TKD sparring, and two fighters are high kicking and not getting hit in the groin, it's because the rules under which they are fighting do not allow groin shots (or leg grabs).

    Of course, there are rare persons who are so well-balanced, loose, and quick they can land a kick to your head in the street at the right time. I've seen it happen. But I've also seen a guy try a fast, high round kick to the head, got his leg grabbed, was swung into a wall and strangled until he vomited blood. And this guy had a so-called "kicker's body"; that is, long, lean, athletic, fast and flexible.

    Regarding southern systems, many practitioners within southern styles, like Hung Ga, Choy Lee Fut, and even Bak Mei and Wing Chun, will do some kicks high in practice. (examples: high front snap kicks, side kicks, front heel thrusts). But during actual application tend to keep the kicks low to mid-level. I'm a southern stylist, and I myself often front snap kick or do other kicks fairly high when doing forms. That's because it's comfortable, trains flexibility, and there's no resistance when kicking air. During bag work, or sparring, my kicks stay mid-to-low.

    So with many kicks, you yourself can modify their height during practice. Flexibility is important, but also remember the balance and often power generation is different for low kicks. There are people who only train super high kicks who, oddly enough, cannot do low kicks very well.

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    HuangKaiVun Guest
    In my experience, the TKD instructors I've had (old school Korean TKD masters) were really tough cats.

    Though they were very skilled in competition TKD, they were even better at streetfighting techniques.

    As far as my training went, I didn't receive much emphasis on kicking in praticular. I received a full martial education - one I couldn't continue because I moved.

    Personally, I prefer kung fu because I'm Chinese and watch HK dubbed movies. However, I wouldn't mind training in TKD - one of the great styles of martial arts there is.

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    YoungForest Guest
    I totally agree with you but unfortunatly you can't find any schools in OTTAWA that has any old school tradition (TKD, Karate, Kung Fu..)

    These days, everyschool has their own "system" built into the traditional art..they tend to add a lot of self defense stuff but im more interested in the ACTUAL art..not addition to the art.

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    Rolling Elbow Guest

    Ottawa Traditional Schools

    JigGa, I have discussed that with my instructor on numerous occasions about martial arts in Ottawa..There ARE traditional schools, but they aren't in the high kicking style that you want. You will NOT find good TKD here in Ottawa, that is it. We have masters on every corner..whether or not they used to teach with combat in mind..they now only teach with $$$$ in mind.

    If you can look past TKD and Shaolin, there is traditional White Crane kung-fu in the Nepean area(yes, they do some high kicks from what i understand..but could be wrong based on the style), or traditional Chito Ryu karate. If you are interested, I could find out about where the Karate school is or if they are still of high quality..but man, you have to lose or distance yourself from this high kick only mentality. You will not really find it in the traditional schools we have'll find it in the modern schools we have here though. You have to choose..unfortunately we don't have any good traditional schools that I know of in Ottawa that'll teach the high kick head hunting game.. There is also Wing Chun(at Sunny Tang, or the Augustine Fong lineage off Bank Street in the Glebe area), the Sifu's are supposed to be really good- but again, the kicks are not going to be high in the beginning and from what I tell, you seem to have this idea of what you want your Martial Arts to look like.. I don't know what else to tell you. You can spend all life looking for something that doesn't exist or you get get a great base in something that is practical- choose wisely lol

    Michael Panzerotti
    Taijutsu Nobody from the Great White North.

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    Braden Guest

    A couple things.

    1 - There is no such thing as traditional shaolin. Shaolin is a descriptive term adopted by hundreds of styles this century because it sells. Usually when people say shaolin they mean lohan, 5 animals, or one of the longfist styles. However, shaolin is typically used to refer to any chinese style of primarily buddhist descent. You will never find "true shaolin" because it doesn't exist.

    2 - "Northern kicks and southern punches" is a complete lie. It's not an overstatement or a generalization, it simply isn't true at all. All kungfu styles are pretty well rounded, but none of them will teach you to use jumping kicks or high kicks in usage.

    3 - You're welcome to have your own opinions of course, but the general consensus in both the kungfu and the general martial arts community is that high or jumping kicks will get you in trouble in self-defense. In my own experience I have found this to be very true. To good effect I have stomp kicked someone in the chest while our arms were occupied, and have done a number of jumping knees to the chin in similar circumstances. Other than these very limited cases, I have never seen a kick above the groin used effectively in self defense. I've seen lots used VERY uneffectively though.

    4 - There are a bunch of traditional schools in Ottawa. Even some good ones.

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    YoungForest Guest guys are right.
    I guess i've been to influenced by movies..

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