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Thread: Strength Training Links

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    ged Guest
    ttt for my own personal ease of reference :)

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    Cyborg Guest
    I don't know alot about the technical stuff, maybe y'all can tell me what's the best way to increase the "fast twitch" muscle fibers? I don't want to be big, just strong and fast. I'd say I'm of average strength, and am more concerned about speed really.

    "Box a fighter and fight a boxer". Bruce Lee

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    Lost_Disciple Guest
    I recommend u search on the internet, maybe buy some books, and look through the other threads here for information on any of these topics:
    • Explosive power
    • Plyometrics
    • Powerlifting
    • Olympic lifting
    • Big movement lifts
    • Periodization
    • Rep Tempo
    • %age of max weight
    • Going to failure
    • Rest between sets
    • Total # of sets
    • Repetitions per set

    Or particular threads such as:
    Some Good websites to search on:
    In a nutshell:
    There are tons of olympic/powerlifters who aren't so big, who put up tons of weight with a lot of speed and explosive power. Their weight workouts will supplement your strength, explosive power, and speed; however you might not want to follow any diet advice they have relating to bulking up. Instead, you should probly opt for a more moderate diet: well balanced with liberal amounts of protein and complex carbs; staying away from simple sugars, overly fatty/greasy foods, and too much red meat.

    Figured if at least one of us is using this as a reference, maybe we should help make our searching easier. :)

    I don't know about the rest of you, but reading my old posts; it's both interesting and embarassing to see how my opinions, knowledge, and ideas have changed.

    Just some thoughts from an ignoramus.

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    Cyborg Guest
    Well. Thanks alot! That will keep me busy for quite some time. :)

    "Box a fighter and fight a boxer". Bruce Lee

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    IronFist Guest
    Holy ****e, I forgot about some of those threads. Thanks for the links, Lost :)


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    Lost_Disciple Guest
    Anytime. :)
    My purpose for "The Workout Thread" was to have this sort of info constantly available to those who want a quick reference. Also I intended for veterans of this forum to have some place to point newbies to when they ask questions; instead of answering the same questions hundreds of times (sometimes in a single thread).
    This thread is as good as any for that though.

    Just some thoughts from an ignoramus.

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    IronFist Guest
    Agreed, we should bump it back up to the top from time to time.

    Sometimes when people bump threads, they type "ttt" what does that stand for?


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    Lost_Disciple Guest

    ttt = to the top

    t= to
    t= the
    t= top

    This is just me being a smartass hehehe
    :rolleyes: :p ;) :D :rolleyes: :p ;) :D :rolleyes: :p ;) :D

    Just some thoughts from an ignoramus.

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    IronFist Guest
    so that's what it means. at AE we usually just say bump. I guess ttt is shorter and thus requires less effort to type. I like.


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    hkphooey Guest

    nice job

    i normally just come in and browse these forums (as a health/exercise/medicine freak i can't seem to get enough) without posting.

    i just want to say that this post is the kind of stuff that should be on here more often. thanks to destrous9 for starting it off. and to everyone else for thoughtful (and useful) contributions.

    oh, and now that i am making a rare post, good stuff ironfist. i will frequently look for your responses to people's questions. i usually feel that there's little need to chime in because i know you're around (and this isn't to take anything away from everyone else who contributes great info as well! and there are quite a few of you!!).

    thanks for enduring this boring post.

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    Lost_Disciple Guest

    cuz it's that d@mn good

    Just some thoughts from an ignoramus.

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    IronFist Guest
    ttt cuz i know what that stands for now :) :) :)


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    Lost_Disciple Guest
    Sorry to steal from Sevenstar, but i think this article's some pretty good info on different types of strength & power as well as muscles- slow-twitch/fast-twitch.

    Just some thoughts from an ignoramus.

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    is destrous9 still around , i still believe this is one of the most informative posts..... ever on kfo
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    I thought Paul Anderson was the first to squat 1000 lbs?
    I have seen pictures of him with 900+ pounds on his back squating with no belt, and in black dress shoes! What an animal. The guy was 5'9, and weighed 400 lbs at his peak of strenth, and I believe still hold the world record for the strongest man, by holding 2500lbs on his back bent over. He did not use steroids either. He could also militar press a 300 lb dumbbell with one arm for 12 reps!!!! cool.

    What do you think? Is Hatfield the first by some official standard? I know the guys promotes steroid use, and has a book on how to take them properly. Hmmm.

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