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Thread: Smoking

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    scotty1 Guest


    Anybody smoke? Anybody smoked, given up, then noticed a huge leap in their training?
    C'mon, I need inspiration.

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    Goldenmane Guest
    I smoke.

    It is a severely irritating habit to try to break.

    Good luck.


    -A hundred enemies, a hundred cups of wine. Infinite enemies, infinite wine.-

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    David Guest

    The minute smoking stops the benefits begin

    20 Minutes Blood pressure & pulse return to normal.

    1 Hour Your circulation improves. Your hands and feet feel warmer.

    8 Hours Nicotene and carbon monoxide levels fall. Oxygen in your blood returns to normal.

    1 Day Your lungs begin to work better. Carbon monoxide removed from your body.

    2 Days Your taste and smell improves. Nicotene removed from your body.

    3 Days Breathing becomes easier. Your energy levels increase.

    2 Weeks Withdrawal symptoms begin to ease. Walking & daily tasks become easier to do.

    1 Month Withdrawal symptoms have stopped. your breathing and energy levels continue to improve.

    6 Months Risk of heart attack, cancer & other smoking related diseases begins to fall.

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    qeySuS Guest
    I dont smoke but i occationally use President Snuff (nose tobacco), but that's like once every 4 months or something (or whenever i happen to be drunk and someone has a small cylinder of it).

    So yes it's just as dangerous in regards to cancer and such, but it doesnt effect my lungs as directly as the cigarette smoke. I do smoke cigars about once every 6 months or so, but i dont inhale it, (just like the taste of a good cigar).

    Free thinkers are dangerous!

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    SLC Guest
    I quit about ten years ago. No, the difference wasn't like getting 200 more horsepower in my car, the next day. More subtle and spread out over time. I've read that it can take a year or so for the crap to filter out of you.

    I don't stink anymore... at least from smoking. ;)
    I can't see my bad breath in the morning anymore.
    Don't cough anymore.
    Have grown rich from money saved.
    Bought Ferrari.

    Ben Laden, your operation was good; real good in fact. But you fu*ked up one little thing... you didn't get all of us.

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    Water Dragon Guest
    I can't see my bad breath in the morning anymore.

    LOL @ the truth

    You may take my life, but you will never take my Freedom

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    Jeff Brown Guest

    used to smoke

    when i trained in Asia, everyone smoked, even my sifu smoked! everyone believes that martial arts skills will somehow protect you from the dangers of smoking but that is nonsense.

    i went from 1.5 packs a day to zero and now wretch when i smell tobacco burning. i can't say that, because i don't smoke anymore my physical prowess has increased 10-fold. What i can say is, my body now knows what poison is.

    glad i quit. i ecourage everyone who smokes to quit.

    "Once I have harnessed the power of the Sun, I will be UNSTOPPABLE!" -- Mini-Me

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    kungfu cowboy Guest
    Yesterday marked my 6 month aniversary of quitting smoking. I absolutely loved smoking. I thought I would never be able to stop. But I did, and it is one of the best things I ever did for myself. It made training so much easier, no stink, extra cash, etc. Being able to breathe is wonderful.

    "If do right, no can defense!"----Mr. Miyagi

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    Ford Prefect Guest
    Two weeks ago marked my 2 YEAR anniversary from quitting smoking cold turkey. I haven't had a drag of a cigarette in that time. My sense of taste and smell or greatly improved and I have a lot more energy. I still have dreams about smoking cigarettes though and will experience an occasional craving. The week of Sept 11th was like one long craving. It's like crack.

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    SLC Guest
    "It's like crack."

    Izzat right? ;)

    Ben Laden, your operation was good; real good in fact. But you fu*ked up one little thing... you didn't get all of us.

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    GunnedDownAtrocity Guest
    i'm 21 and have been smoking for 14 years.

    yes i started smoking when i was 7. no joke. i was inahling when i was 8 and smoking a half a pack a day by 10 or 11.

    i really cant imagine what life would be like without cigerettes. i'd love to be able to breath better, but i get chills just thinking about not ever smoking again.

    my goal is to cut down to a couple a day and see if i feel that i could stop at that point. i know that the only way to quit is cold turkey, you really haven't quit until you quit cold turkey anyway, but i don't think it's something im ready for.

    wierd thing is i don't have a smoker's cough at all. i never wake up hacking. the only time i notice it at all is when doing deep breething. i dont know if it has something to do with the fact that i smoke non filters (and don't inhale as deeply) or if im just saving it all up for the day it kills me.

    where's my beer?

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    GunnedDownAtrocity Guest
    . .... my sifu hates smoking.

    he always asks me if i still smoke and when i say yes he punches me in the chest and walks away.

    he also points at me and laughs hysterically when i start hacking during breathing exercises. ok ... well that would be funny, but he actually just smirks or makes a comment to the class about it.

    where's my beer?

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    GunnedDownAtrocity Guest
    just reading this and responding to this post made me go smoke a cigerette.

    where's my beer?

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    Daredevil Guest
    David, nice list, where's it from / where's the evidence?

    Not dissing the list, I think it's great, I'd like to know so I can quote it further. :)

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    In order to continue my training I must quit smoking because I know it's bad for the health. Does anyone have some advice on this or experienced themselves? My goal is just quit at once and not in small steps.

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