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Thread: Smoking

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    right here.
    just give up on the whole quitting idea now before you cause yourself weeks or even months of frustration.

    lots of people smoke and train ... be one of the good guys.
    where's my beer?

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    In a couple of days, it'll be a year since i quit smoking. In my experience, you'll only quit if you really want to quit. I was ready to quit, so i did. A few things that helped were that i stopped drinking for a while (if you're a drinker), and i stopped hanging around my buddies who were all smokers. If you train hard enough and are really into it, then you'll eventually quit because it will hinder your progress and make you feel worse. In the end, follow what the nike commercial says and just do it. Good luck!!

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    Sounds like pretty sound advice, just go for it.

    On second thought let me add to that. I currently don't smoke anything at all, , and its almost a year but not a full one yet since i stopped chain smoking, i got back into my bad habits last summer and was on this self destruct mode . I Was doing alot more partying and getting wasted, trying to dull my senses rather than focussing on training. after a few unnecessary incidents, and i saw it getting out of hand i decided to quit drinking and smoking and get back in shape , start training seriously again.
    After i made the decision to TRAIN it was easy to stick with for the most part, if youre a haaaardcooore smoker it might be difficult to quit cold turkey, but the amount you do smoke should significantly decrease to a bare minimal once in every Blue moon or less. But as long as youre training hard and are dedicated to it , then you're more than likely going to feel the urge to indulge in bad habits less and less and you'll want to adopt a healthier outlook, if it's Training that you truly want to do.
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    Forget cutting back, Nicotine gums, patches and so on.

    Cold Turkey is the only way to go.
    One thing that helps is getting into a hobby or similar that keeps your hands and mind busy. This will help overcome the mental habit of holding a cigarette.

    Lung Hu Pai gave some good advice.

    Quitting smoking should be done with a lifestyle change in mind.

    I knew one guy at 48 he was heavily smoking drinking and into the women, one morning he looked into the mirror and decided to quit it all.
    At 62 he was fitter and faster than any teen on the tennis court and he roller skated for 16km to play tennis.

    Hope this helps.

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    If you purchase untreated tobacco then you will find you will feel fitter as nicotine increases heamoglobin in the blood which means more oxygen. It's just the poisons that the smoking industry uses that cause illness and weaker lungs.

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    Originally posted by Cashier Graham
    If you purchase untreated tobacco then you will find you will feel fitter as nicotine increases heamoglobin in the blood which means more oxygen. It's just the poisons that the smoking industry uses that cause illness and weaker lungs.
    You're right about all the chemicals, but it's a myth that untreated tobacco won't hurt you! Tar is deadly and nicotine is a poison. A drop or two of pure nicotine will kill you!

    As for quitting, here are some suggestions (successfully turned me into a non-smoker 2.5 years ago after being a heavy smoker for many years):

    1. There are 2 aspects to the addiction - physical and psychological. Cold turkey gets the nicotine out of your system faster, eliminating the physical symptoms, then you can concentrate on dealing with the psychological symptoms. In my opinion, nicotine patches and gum just prolong the physical part of the addiction.

    2. If you can, take time off work and any other demanding engagements and devote at least a few days to quitting - sleep a lot, stay away from influences that you associate with smoking. All the nicotine passes out of your body within 72 hours. Getting through that period is the hardest hurdle and things get gradually easier thereafter.

    3. Drink lots of water (helps flush out nicotine) and eat a lolly or stick of carrot or something like that every time you have a craving. I used Minties (chewy mint lollies). Cravings become less and less over time and then it's easy to phase out the lollies.

    4. Cut out alcohol and coffee in the beginning. After a few weeks I phased back in coffee and alcohol after a few months when I felt more secure about being a non-smoker.

    5. Go for walks through parks and gardens and notice how good the flowers and plants smell - like a whole new world opening up.

    6. Before starting to quit, write a list of reasons for quitting. Keep it handy so that you can keep reminding yourself how important it is.

    7. As other guys mentioned, concentrate on your training or any other hobbies that make you realise how much better you feel and perform as the days and weeks go by without smoking. It will help reinforce your desire never to smoke again.

    These websites might help:

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    Buy some rollies,slowly replace your tabacco with high quality Hash and Bud
    Training will be so cool
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    Good luck to you! I've tried to quit about 1000 times in the past two years! I never get past day 3. Get through it pm me and give me some inspiration to quit. Best wishes

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    Ive "quit" 3 times in the past year, for at least 1 1/2 months each time, then I get stressed and drunk and smoke cigs again. Right now Im about to quit for the "final" time... holy jesus the boss just walked up on me typing about how pot helps me quit. Wow. Got my heart beating hella quick... hehehe
    anyhow.... Yeah. Pot helps a whole lot. Im scured to write more now, the boss is walking around.

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    Well guys thank you for all the advice I am now on day 2 of quitting because yesterday felt like the right moment to quit for me so...I did. I'll tell you if I make it passed day 3

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    Cancer isn't pretty , I've seen 2 ppl go out like that from smoking.

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    I like to tell this story, I was smoking about a pack a day for a couple years, when I started with my teacher he has us do alot of cardio and bagwork, really pushes you to your psycholgical limit and past it - at this point you ALWAYS give up smoking in your mind - just can't do that to yourself anymore....then you finish, go home, forget about it, and light up another - well this process happened enough times, that finally I did quit.

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    Originally posted by Stevo

    You're right about all the chemicals, but it's a myth that untreated tobacco won't hurt you! Tar is deadly and nicotine is a poison. A drop or two of pure nicotine will kill you!
    The tar is only a problem with treated tobacco and you can OD on a lot of things, about 100mg of nicotine a day, which is about a pack of cigarettes is all you need. You may or may not know but there are people who use tobacco equivilant to hundreds of cigaretes per day for hallucinagenic purposes, like shamens for example, there is no reported cancer or smoking related illnesses with these people. Just for the record I don't nor have ever smoked.

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    I've quit smoking as well. If you drink, you must stop for a while, especially in bars or anywhere people are smoking. I know it's hard, but try not to keep track of how long it's been. It's pretty easy to rationalize "Hey, I've been good for 4 days, I can have one".

    Cold turkey is the only way to go, because it's the psychological addiction that is more dificult to beat than the physical. No cheating...drags off friends cigarettes. You need to do some planning as well. If you usually have a smoke after lunch, you need to plan some kind of activity such as going for a walk or eating some beef jerkey or a tootsie pop to break out of your normal routine, so your not sitting around thinking about how good that smoke after a meal was.

    However, once you quit, you will be amazed at how easy it actually was.

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    Both my parents were heavy smokers for many years.

    They tried every which way to quit, in the end they tried cold turkey as a last resort.

    End result:
    My Father stopped smoking now for nearly 8yrs.
    My Mother at the most smokes 2 cigarettes a day.

    And they are complaining about all the money they spend on nicotine gums, acu-puncture, etc since those only provided physical and temporare relief.


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