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Thread: shaolin (shake head) hopeless has-been

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    shaolin (shake head) hopeless has-been

    i hear all these b*llsh!t about monks and what they can do. i can't believe d!ckheads like abandit,stinky fishy o'death,muhammed and all their loser friends believe this cr@p.yo all think these monks can handle a good kick in the noggins and not feel pain. what kinda of a BS is that? if i kick yer testicles or yer p*ssy hole as most of yer loud mouth keyboard warriors out there yo'll hurt in the nuts and f*cken hell yo'll believe this b*llsh!t. yo'll are immature and gullible. grow up.

    5star praying mantis

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    Fish of Fury Guest
    for those who don't know...

    the Noggins are a small mountain range west of Sydney :D

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    lee69 Guest

    you suck

    shut up

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    joedoe Guest

    5star praying for a fist up your arse

    I see you persist in being a w@nker.

    I never claimed I could take a blow to the testicles, but you obviously like blowing testicles. The Shaolin monks can doit, I can't. Simple as that.

    Listen, if you stopped going down on your grandmother you might have time to learn to communicate properly then we might understand what you are trying to say. As it is, because you are too busy licking your grandmother's carpet, you can't type a coherent sentence.

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    Shaolin Temple Guest

    for more entertainment to lose your these...

    for those of you who may now be annoyed with a certain individual here's a few links to catch up on. If I have mistaken this individual to be the
    same, do accept my apologies but from all the other would seem to be the same person.

    Look for goktimus/ego maximus/bestallstyle/calmguru/5 star praying
    mantis/mercilessfighter...he is the person that's wreaking havoc in almost all the other discussion topics.

    For those of you who are out there and are beginning to get annoyed with this person...there's only so much a monk such as I can
    tolerate...Amitabha...check Muhammed's reply in 902621&p=5 902621&p=6

    and Goose's reply in: 902621&p=3

    Boris' reply:

    Which Shaolin is authentic. North or South.
    As Sifu would say...there is no permanence and there should not be any discrimination.
    The point is therefore, who cares.
    The more Shaolin there are, the better. Be civilized and chivalrous in your behaviour. As martial artists, we are supposed to not forget that we learn this art to help others and ourselves in times of need...not be a thug!!!

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