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Thread: Shaolin Drunken Kung Fu

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    Drunken Monkey Guest

    Shaolin Drunken Kung Fu

    I am extremely interested in Shaolin Drunken Kung Fu. First, because Shaolin Kung Fu is extremely good, and second because Drunken Kung Fu is for me.

    I have been self training and was wondering if any of you think I should do this form and what level and experience you would recomend someone be at before they try this form(I feel I am very capable, but want your input).

    I am extremely grateful for any information you have to offer.

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    lee69 Guest
    go for it

    but be careful without a experianced teacher you could hurt yourself.


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    Drunken Monkey Guest

    Thanx Tyron

    Yeah, That is a problem, especially the falling part of the style, without a trainer, I could easily ijure myself.


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    joedoe Guest
    One point to remember is not to get too drunk. Only kidding :)

    I have heard that drunken boxing is quite an advanced art and can be very hard to get right. However, once you get it right it is extremely difficult to fight against because of its unpredictability.

    I believe that for the Shaolin style of drunken boxing you probably also need strong legs and a flexible back.

    Guns don't kill people, I kill people

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    ope Guest
    Oh ya drunken is great... abandit is right getting the attitude of drunken is very hard but once you get it its a great art to fight with.. and one of the great things about it is when you do get the attitude you can mix it with other shaolin systems like monkey or mantis even tiger so you would get drunken monkey, drunken mantis etc.. which would make the style even more powerfull.. i have learned some drunken forms but i still havent got the attitude properly yet.. and it is very unpredictable thats what makes it so powerfull..

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    Waidan Guest

    agreed, ope

    Unpredictability and the commitment (and resulting power) of the strikes.

    I'm a Bagua practitioner, but my teacher is torturing me with a drunken set (been working on it for about 4 weeks now). Drunken Bagua? Now THAT would be odd..:)

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    Drunken Monkey Guest


    Yeah, it would be unpredictable, which is why I want to learn it. I have tried some moves and I dont know why, but feel I could do it. So I wanted to thank everyone for viewing and/or replying, your input is very helpful.

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    I'd say definantly go fo it. Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger... right?? I'm also really interested in the Drunken style, but I can't find anything, or anybody to teach me about it. All I know is what I've seen in the movies.

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    Drache Guest
    I am also intrested in drunken styles. I have looked, but there are no schools that teach drunken kung fu in my area. Does anyone recomend the series in , or maybe another website?


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    Brad Guest
    Where do you guys live? Usually to learn drunken boxing you have to have at least a couple years in another style as a base. You should try to take modern wushu or some wide open northern style until you find what you're looking for. Modern Ditang will be a great asset if you find a teacher for drunken boxing. I'd also recomend buying the shaolin drunken boxing video(the one by the monk) so you can see the type of stuff you'd be learning. I think this routine is pretty much the same as the modern one. I wouldn't recomend learning without a teacher though since drunken boxing is REALLY hard physically. Too much chance of injurey.

    click here for a website that has some drunken routines.

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    Drunken Monkey Guest
    that link isnt working make sure you typed it right. thanks anyways

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    WenJin Guest
    Sorry, but do you guys mean Wushu drunken style, or actual shaolin drunken because I thought that there isn't shaolin drunken fist.

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    Brad Guest
    I've only heard of drunken style being taught within a larger system. The Shaolin Drunken Fist done by the current shaolin monks is the same as that done by modern wushu guys. I don't know anything about drunken fist history.

    Here's that link again:

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    doug maverick Guest

    drunken gung fu

    i have a problem with this form i mean if you train just dkf then no proplem cause then your training (depending on you sifu) is good but if you learn it in your system it's not that good espiacially in new york, even though if you train your wrist stance and foot work you can be good(like in drunken master 1 hate to refer to a movie but it was a good flick) this style has to many flips and falls and might get you killed but if you can prove me wrong then come wit it

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    ope Guest
    Not all drunken kungfu forms consist of big falls etc.. remmeber most important aspect of drunken is getting the atitude.. once this is accomplish you need not worry about anything else...

    Drunken is great even if its learning 1 form..

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