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Thread: Chin Na?

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    Chin Na?

    What is it like? I've found a place that teaches Long Fist and Chin Na.


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    Chin Na hurts. That's about the extent of my knowledge.
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    ~Chin Na History~

    The term "Chin Na" in the Chinese language is translated into 2 separate words: chin-"seize" and na-"control. From the definition then the term literally means to seize and control. The major purpose of Chin Na is to attempt to quietly stop an aggressor without permanently maiming or inflicting serious injury. This is normally accomplished with knowledge of joint locks, grasping, pressing and unnatural twisting of sensitive nerves, muscles and joints. There are some strikes but these are mainly aimed at areas that will cause an opponent a temporary paralysis or unconsciousness. Chin Na masters were always careful to try to stop an attacker without inflicting serious harm although, at times, stopping an opponent was accomplished by his death.

    There are four main parts to Chin Na: 1) dividing the muscles 2) misplacing the bone 3) sealing the breath or vein 4) cavity press. Chin Na, in itself, is not a style but used in combination with another form of martial arts.

    The history of Chin Na dates back to the Shaolin temple monks about 960-1279 AD. Around 1130 AD, General Yeuh Fei combined his expertise in the Eagle claw Kung fu style with ancient Shaolin techniques which he learned from his instructor, Chou Ton, who was taught directly from the Shaolin temple, which was established by a Indian priest named Da Mo in 527 AD. He had found that the monks in the Shaolin temples were in terrible physical shape and, it is said, he locked himself in a room for 9 years thinking of a way to help the monks through spiritual guidance and physical exercise which began the establishment in China of the martial arts.

    Chin Na techniques were essentially taken from three major styles: the Eagle Claw, Long Fist and White Crane. General Yeuh Fei was known as brilliant military leader and through his mental capacities and martial arts skill, which he taught to his soldiers, he accomplished many victories even against enormous odds. These styles have been passed down through the ages to mostly the Chinese culture until shortly after World War II when the outside world began to have opened to it, the secrets of the Kung fu styles including the seizing and controlling art of Chin Na.

    The techniques take many years of practice to master and some of the advance techniques are still only available to the masters themselves requiring a knowledge of internal techniques as well as external. All of these abilities are God given and are only used when absolutely necessary to prevent harm to self or loved ones. Many of the advanced techniques can only be taught by Chin Na masters themselves.
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    longfist and chin na

    sounds like Yang's.

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    Stacey Guest
    ah yes, yangs pretty forms and empty chin na.

    his students anyway....but hey, thats what they want, Dr. Yang is a smart man.

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    Is Yang's a bad place to study?


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    It's probably a pretty good school. I've heard a lot more good than bad about it, which is more than I can say for most other well known teachers I think his main thing is White Crane, and it influences everything he does. But most of the people I've talked to say he's very skilled runs a good school.
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    Thumbs up

    Yang knows his chin-na.
    His books are good for those interested in-.
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    Originally posted by Brad
    It's probably a pretty good school. I've heard a lot more good than bad about it, which is more than I can say for most other well known teachers I think his main thing is White Crane, and it influences everything he does. But most of the people I've talked to say he's very skilled runs a good school.
    He gives a good seminar too.
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    Yang seems ok

    as good or better than 90% of those out there.

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    From my research, Chin Na is a type of technique in which the first word Chin means grab, and the second word Na means grip. The difference between the two techniques is that the first one restricts the opponent movement. And the second one restricts more by grab hold the opponent tightly. When we apply Chin technique, usually it is followed by Na technique. The details of this type of technique has already been largely expressed by Laughing Cow.


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    Uhmmm? Another Definition For Na Perhaps I No_Know


    Perhaps in your research you could see Na as having more than one meaning? And Na of Chin Na could mean control?? I have accepted the phrase chin-na to be seize and control.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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