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Thread: Sifu Chan Tai San ?

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    Sifu Chan Tai San ?

    Does anyone know the identity of the "Three San's" or "Three Mountains" of Canton ? Sifu Chan Tai San was one of the three. They were three famous Kung Fu fighters with the name San.

    I believe one was named Leung Wai San.

    Also does anyone also know which styles they practiced, excluding Sifu Chan Tai San. ?


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    Sifu Chan Tai San,

    He has train and mastered several systems of Chinese Martial Arts, however he holds the inheritor ship of the Green Cloud Lama Pai System, if my memory
    serves correctly. He also trained under the Famous White Haired Devil, the famous late Grand Master of the Hung Fut System. I'm sure there is others on our list that can better answer your questions that are practitioners of the systems your asking about. Hopefully some of them will respond.


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