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    A Simple Artist Guest

    :) YOGA

    Just wandering how many here practice yoga and how many days a week and how long is your practice?

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    lordabu Guest
    used to practice yoga.
    when i did - i did it about twice a week (with a teacher of course), but it is essential you do it everyday -the best time is in the morning before breakfast. get your teacher to teach you things you can do at home.

    I will start it again when i have the time and dedication :)


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    Dragon Warrior Guest
    i do yoga at home off a tape called "yoga for athlethes." It is a really good tape and definetely is a good balance for martial artists. I also do yoga wed nights at my school. They offer it for free so i figure why not. It is really cool and i can see that this is probably the true origin of chinese kung fu.

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    JWTAYLOR Guest
    Every day, 45 minutes a day.

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    kungfu cowboy Guest
    3 to 4 times a week for approximately one hour.

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    old jong Guest
    Kamasutra yoga...every nights...The times may vary however!... ;)

    C'est la vie!

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    A Simple Artist Guest

    What Are The Main Syles Of Yoga?

    Just wandering are there styles of yoga just like karate, kung-fu and taich? :D

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    JWTAYLOR Guest
    Hell yeah, lots of different styles. I do Kundalini, but that's because I couldn't find a good Hatha instructor in my area.

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    Chang Style Novice Guest
    Hatha, Krita, Kundalini, Iyengar

    Lots of styles of Yoga. Here's a link to a Yoga forum, moderated by a teacher in the SF area.

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    Question Yoga

    I want to learn more about standing postures and thought that doing Yoga would be one way to learn. After all, Yoga specialise in these things.

    I want to do bit of research before I attend class so can anyone point me to good Yoga forum?
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    Yoda did standing forms? No wonder he was so strong in the force!

    Oh, sorry. You said yoga
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    Hey, any training is better than no training. Regardless of what kind of equipment we personally prefer, at least we're out there doing something.

    So lets here more about your Yoga instruction. I've been thinking about getting one of those Yoga decks. What do you think?

    Chief fox,

    I would highly recommend yoga with martial arts rountine. When looking for school or teacher, treat it the same way you would in Martial arts. Check out everybody. There are MANY Mcdojo's in the yoga business these days as the yoga business is BIG business.

    For yoga it really is about the teacher and the style you prefer. Finding one is like finding gold. Most studios have intro offers that are affordable and most gyms will have at least 1 decent yoga teacher these days. Try them a bunch, you may find you like a hard core flow class or a gentle yoga class (not my cup tea personally) or perhaps Bikram (hot yoga) will be to your liking.

    When you go make sure the teacher is certified to teach. Many of teacher out there these day take a couple classes and consider themselves ready to teach. Kind of like a person going to a kung fu class and suddenly becoming a Sifu.

    Good luck!

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    dont have alot of time, and hate weight training. trying to consolidate time and effort. what about yoga-not just stretching, but strengthening and pranayam as well. please discuss.

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    May 2008

    yoga opinions

    dont have alot of time or resources(here in the Deep South). trying to consolidate as much as I can for purpose of time and resources. really interested in tcm/qigong but availability is almost nil. i know yoga is different, but conceptually tied. please, discuss.

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    It's like everything else in that it depends on the school. You'll have to ask questions and visit the class. Hopefully you'll be able to tell if it's health club yoga or if you're dealing with a serious yogi by doing the above. If not, just go to the one that has the most hot chicks.

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