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Thread: Wong Fei Hung

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    CPS Guest
    Fire Hawk,

    It might help to set your browser to West European standard.
    If not, use <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A>
    Than only the picture should show up.

    As for real or fake. Th epage already indicates it's very likely to be a joke by LT.

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    fiercest tiger Guest
    if that is wong fei hung than the photo has been keep in good condition, usually you would see some faint or torn pictures, well if it is than good.

    loki- you maybe right i will go through all my mags and books. :D


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    CPS Guest
    Fiercest Tiger,

    I have the photo of the group with Mok Gwei Lam and the tenth son already scanned in my computer, so I will send it to Fire Hawk.
    If otheres are interested in that photo, give me an email.


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    fiercest tiger Guest

    charris p

    so it was the tenth son! is it the same person in the leung tin book?

    well you here good stuff on kfo SOMETIMES. :)

    will we see any picture of this phantom?


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    CPS Guest
    Fiercest Tiger,

    The text under the group photo says "tenth son". (See your mailbox!)

    The group photo is very unclear, so it's impossible to really compare it to the photo of Leung Ting's book.

    But you can read enough about Leung Ting's reputation regarding photo's in the Wing Chun Forum.
    I just can't add such "info" to the site, because there are many, many WT practioners in Europe.

    Considering the quality of the photo and WFH not having a pig-tail (but bald), I personally think it's rather a photo of his son than of the real Wong Fei Hung.

    BUT what if this time it's a real photo?
    Then I would really feel stupid if I had not added it to my site. Now the reader/viewer can just make up his mind.

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    fiercest tiger Guest

    thanks charris

    the photo wouldnt come up for some reason! but thanks anyway, hey whats your web site address?

    happy holidays.



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    CPS Guest
    It's <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A>
    The site is called Hungga United. Ever heard of it?
    I don't make the site alone though. I make it together with a Czech Hungga practitioner, and occasionally others help.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody.

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    Je Lei Sifu Guest

    Wong Fei Hung

    Does anyone know the aproximate date of this picture? It seems that this picture would be of someone in their late 30's to mid 40's. And if that is true, then it could not be Wong Fei Hung.

    My opion is that it is Wong Fei Hung's son. I compared it to the picture that hang's in our school and it looks to much like his son and there are no features which are any differet. In that picture there are other famous master including Mok Gwai Lan, Ho Lap Tin, Chui Cao, Gwan Tak Hing, and Tang Sao Kin ect.along with Wong Fei Hung's 10th son and it looks as if it could have been taken aproximately around the same year. Wong Fei Hung's Birthday Celebration 1958.

    Can anyone give an aproximate date?


    Je Lei Sif

    The Southern Fist Subdues The Fierce Mountain Tiger

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    CPS Guest
    I don't know the date the pic is made.
    However the photo is being discused in HK too.
    A magazine compared the photo with a photo of the son.
    It was obvious the photo was NOT of the son.
    I have added ascan of this to the page.
    See <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A> (again).

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    illusionfist Guest
    It would really help if we didn't have your blasted site name in huge letters across the face, it would really help us in order to make a comparison. Some of the most distinct features of his face are covered cuz of it.

    Peace :D

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    CPS Guest
    How can you know it are distinct features if it's covered.
    It are the eyes that make the difference.
    Unless the tenth son was suddenly wearing eye shadow etc. to fool us, the photo of the supposed WFH is not the tenth son.

    As for the name covering it up. It's necessary, because certain people steal the photo's from my site. (And that is a problem if somebody gave me a photo in trust.) So I have to do certain things to protect my site, although it doesn't look always that good. (And writing the name, is the only 100% garanteed protection.)

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    L D S Guest

    Wong Fei Hung Museum

    Article in Chinese and pictures of the opening of the Wong Fei Hung Museum in Foshan by Chiu Chi Ling.

    web pageweb page


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    yik-wah-tik Guest

    webpage not working

    please re-post the website info because it is not correct. no connection.

    thank jew hung loong.

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    L D S Guest
    Actually it are 2 webpages. And with me it works.


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    The Whyzyrd Guest


    Is there an english version by chance?

    "The Wolf does not regard the barking dog"

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