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Thread: Shaolin Temple Article on MSNBC

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    J Guest

    Shaolin Temple Article on MSNBC

    Here's an article on Shaolin temple that will probably interest people on
    this list.

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    MoQ Guest
    Thanks J! That was cool... I think it's more of an expose' of America's glib hypocracy than of the Shaolin commercialization though...

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    J Guest
    No problem MoQ!! I think it does show the commercialization of Shaolin, but the article reveals more. It reveals that the Chinese and American (1 million Chinese tourists) visitors still expect/fantasize the Shaolin of the old. This creates a Disneyland effect and the Chinese are taking advantage of it. Note when I say taking advantage, I mean the commercialization. No big deal. China has made big changes since the last burning of the northern temple in 1928. One can't expect the temple of today to be the temple of the past. Too much change has occurred.

    Train hard (and soft too). [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]


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    qy Guest
    hi J great to see you around again.
    I was, as I usually am, disappointed with the misconception that Jet Li's flick was what brought the attention of westerners to the Shaolin Temple. I say westerners because I am sure that the Shaolin Temple was not restored to capture Chinese revenue. My understanding is that after the "Kung Fu"(not "the legend continues") series became popular in the western parts of the world the Chinese Govt wisely deceided to consider the temple as a money making option. Western sightseers were banging at the doors of China to see the famed monastary. As much as many may not like it, this show made the term Kung Fu and the Shaolin Temple popular here. MOST OF US did not even hear of Jet Li until 10 years ago. Folks who do not have much interest in MA would have only heard of Jet this year. Ask those same people when they first heard about the Shaolin Temple.

    I am sure that many many many Chinese visit the Temple and willing spent their extra bucks touring the area. I am sure that is good for the economy. However, when a western tour goes the $$$$$ that they spent is a far higher #. Just ask the SLD guys how much they spent when they get back. This "trap" is for us. Fortunately it sounds like some of our money is going to help preserve the fantasy that brought most of us to have an interest in Chinese Martial Arts.

    Is it the same as it was 100 or more years ago? Is anything? The dream I had to train with wise,disciplined, skilled, Masters at the Shaolin Temple can still be a reality. For that I am glad about the "commercialization" at the temple.

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    Self-Thinking Follower Guest
    Kung fu, the legend continues! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    Fantasies are great, realities differ!

    Commercialism is good only for those that profit, not for those who lose.

    Thanks j

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    Heming Guest
    I am surprised to see my name was mentioned in Brook's article...after we met in Hong Kong after my master's seminar for a HK University...I must say that media says whatever they want to say...but the truth is not like that!!!

    I need to have a talk with Mr. Brook Larmer personally and I wish he can express himself more clear and make less mistakes in the article...

    Buddha save Shaolin's fame!

    Heming from Shaolin Temple

    Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union,
    Shaolin Temple, Mt.Song, Henan 452491, P.R.China
    Tel: +86(371)2749172
    Fax: +1(212)98143
    ICQ#: 17145752

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    TongLongPai Guest

    Sometimes the media stretch things out of proportion. It's a shame because people can get the wrong idea about Shaolin. Hope you can fix things.


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    bean curd Guest
    it was inevitable that when mao went his direction, none would be left out.

    is what is happening now good or bad, with the commercialisation of siu lam, who knows.

    how can you blame men of peace for the direction of the men of war. is it there fault that they have to toe the line.

    things maybe changing but the red book is still in the minds and hearts of those of this generation

    i'm more than sure there are monks who cry at night when they see what is happening, but they know also the history of china, it is always changing, and with change comes adaptation.

    there are so many great teachers both inside and outside of china that all people can be trained by them, they don't have to go to siu lam ji to do this, but then we must never forget the truth of siu lam ji, even if it has been tainted by force and not by design.

    well my thoughts for what its worth


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    Chameleon Guest
    Heming -

    I've dealt with the media plenty before.

    You are correct that they will say what they want to say...They will take your quotes out of context, etc., and apply them in a way that supports the story that they think will be most entertaining.

    You can treat most media folks like friends, but chances are they will not treat you the same way...You are just part of their story.

    With that in mind, the best way to deal with them, IMO, is to write out a few "soundbites". If they are going to quote you, make sure that they print the quote that you want to be associated with you.

    Write out some clever quotes that you would like to see printed, and say those same quotes over and over again, always bringing the conversation back to those quotes.

    When they ask you questions, don't worry so much about answering them, but try to steer the conversation back to your points so that you can end your answer with one of your pre-written quotes.

    If you just speak freely without a plan, they will almost always take what you say out of the context you meant it, and present it in a context that supports their thesis.

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    Heming Guest
    Dear Chameleon,

    Appreciate you so much, thanks dear friend!

    many friends like you told me how to deal with these medias....thanks for all of your supports!

    "Well, don't they all. You can never trust reporters. Believe me.
    take whatever they want out of your conversation, and print what is
    going to
    suit their purposes.

    Now I read that article. I didn't think it was too bad. I don't exactly
    the quote that he took from you; of all the things that you must have
    him, the one about the internet and the mud hut was probably not meant
    way that it came out in print. You've always, always got to be careful
    around these guys. What you say, and what they can make the words
    appear to
    mean in context of the rest of their article, can be two different

    I went to it. OK, same ****, different site. YOu should have seen the
    nightmare discussion forum going on Shi Yan Chang's site. Wow. Did they
    start ripping him apart.
    Personally I feel it's my responsibility to say
    > something to these people and I wish them to know more
    > about Shaolin...
    Well, let me give you some advice my friend. Having been through this
    times before in the past. I've seen too many people get wiped out doing
    ****. And my advice has always, always been the same.
    It is best not to verbally spar with these people. (I will have an
    entitled Rhetoric, on my site soon, to discuss this very issue). You
    convince them, and you'll just antagonize each other. Endlessly.
    The best way to deal with the issue, is not to deal with it at all.
    the forum. Don't bother with it. Continue doing what you're doing with
    website. Keep presenting information. Pictures (just not that horrible
    of dysenteric me! HA! Finally feeling better now that I'm home with
    water....). Stories. FACTS. Present information my friend, information.
    That's how you convey people. Getting into these discussion forums will
    end up wasting a lot of your precious time. You certainly don't need
    it, and
    you won't accomplish anything. Trust me, I've seen this far too often
    in the
    past. Besides, you're better than this. Don't lower yourself to these
    people's levels. They don't understand what's going on at Shaolin.
    (Unfortunately, I do....)

    So, it is best to get above it, and just keep doing the great job on
    site that you are doing.

    I will correct some obvious mistake in
    > the article of the basic Shaolin knowledge...
    Don't bother. Once it's been in Newsweek, it's gospel to a lot of
    Forget it. People will forget all about it in a week or two. And then,
    they'll be back at your site. Trying to learn more about Shaolin. And,
    you'll teach them. Just move on. It's not worth it.

    Hope all is well. Personally, I've gotten a little disgusted with all
    of it
    myself too. I think I'm just a little burnt out. I need a rest Heming.
    trip just wore me out. Shaolin really is not the same as I remember it.
    got a little disappointed in what I found. But, I'm going to be careful
    how I present my information. I want to be honest, yet present a
    issue. Shaolin is going to need all the help it can get.

    Don't we all."

    Many blessings,
    from Heming, Shaolin Temple

    Shaolin Secular Disciple's Union,
    Shaolin Temple, Mt.Song, Henan 452491, P.R.China
    Tel: +86(371)2749172
    Fax: +1(212)98143
    ICQ#: 17145752

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    Heming Guest
    Dear friends,
    all the information of the Shaolin kungfu seminar in Hong Kong(2nd July, 2000) can be found at the English version page of Hong Kong University of Sci. & Tech. Martial Arts Soceity. Many photos of Master Shi Heng Jun and Heming are there. and more will be loaded later.

    the website of Hong Kong University Martial Arts Society is:

    People start to love Shaolin kungfu now, hehehehehehe...

    Heming, Shaolin Temple

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