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Thread: Shaolin Kung Fu

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    word Guest

    Shaolin Kung Fu

    The school has certificates from the SHAOLIN TEMPLE. School of chamions. The school has trophies all around the room. They have famous " SHAOLIN" masters give seminars every month.

    End result :

    I saw horrible stances. Front stance had the leading foot straight and the backfoot pointing west. One more thing, NOT ONE PERSON IN THE ROOM, INCLUDING BLACKBELTS, PUNCHED WITH A STRAIGHT WRIST. All had their elbows locked too.

    What about credentials again?

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    Kung Lek Guest
    What you were watching according to your description was contemporary Wu Shu and not traditional martial Kung fu.

    Contemporary Wu Shu is the mainstay of the practice at Shaolin today, so the credentials are correct too. There is very little (some but not the bulk) traditional martially applicable Kung Fu practiced at Shaolin today. Who knows when they will come full circle and start with the steady course of authentic Kung Fu.

    oh well...


    Kung Lek

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    JWTAYLOR Guest
    Did I miss something? What school in particular are we talking about here?


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    humblewarrior Guest
    i have always read that there is no such thing as a black belt in kung fu.

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    Kung Lek Guest

    HW- as you may well know, there are plenty of traditional KF schools that use a ranking system based on belts or sashes.

    100 years ago what you are saying would be absolutely correct and in some schools today you are correct in your assumption. But as i say, there are plenty of Sash /Belt holders in plenty of different styles of CMA.

    It is up to the school master to decide whether or not they are going to use a system such as this.


    Kung Lek

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    Brad Guest
    I would put my contemporary wushu fighting skills up against almost any traditional kung fu guy any day. You really seem to know very little about real modern wushu like the vast majority of "traditionalists" out there. If real shaolin is anything like most of the traditional arts I've seen, the old monks must have been pretty pathetic.

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    Arioch7 Guest
    I have to agree with Brad on this one(Except the bashing.). Whenever I see Wushu people, they have a lot of power and their stance work is incredible.

    Perhaps some modern Wushu forms may not have a martial application but I bet 90% of the Martial Artists I know would not even be physically able to do Compulsary #2 form of Wushu. That proves to me, at the very least, that Wushu people are more flexible, stronger and have greater balance.

    I used to bash modern Wushu to but then I trained with a few of them(Wushu people that is.) and I was extremely impressed. I dont know what school you went to, but it was not one I have seen.

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    Brad Guest
    Sorry about the bashing. I didn't mean to sound so harsh but most really don't know a thing about modern wushu.

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    word Guest
    Tell me brad. When you do wushu how many punches are in one of your long fist forms? About 4 punches out of the 70 movement form? How many times do you do a block and punch? Not many.

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    word Guest
    Kung Lek,

    It was a traditional class. By the description? The stances in wushu are the same as traditional since wushu evolved from traditional kung fu . All of the stances in wusuh I have in my northern shaolin forms. How does a wushu front stance differ from a traditional front stance? It's the same. Chang Chuan is a mixture of many northern shaolin styles .

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    Brad Guest
    Actually the forms learned in the first 2 or three years are almost entirely punching and blocking with little or no running, jumping, or flash. If all you have seen are the flashy longfist sport competition forms, then you are really seeing very little of what modern wushu has to offer. If you like I can try to send video of a beginer form to you. just send your address to

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    word Guest
    Wushu does incorporate a few traditional forms in its curriculum. That's maybe the one you learned. I've seen everything wushu has to offer. Have you seen that mid 1970's wushu tape ? Starts off with wushu basics, girl chang chuan, Jet Li doing broadsword etc? That is the best wushu tape. After you have seen that, you can throw away the others.

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    Brad Guest

    You've really seen all wushu has to offer? I seriously doubt this unless you've spent a number of years with a top level chinese master. Hell, there are college degrees offered in wushu and you claim to have seen everything.
    How would you describe traditional wushu and what would make it different(or better) than modern? The only true difference I feel is that modern guys take their wushu to a higher athletic level. Our school currently practices 4 different so called "traditional" longfist forms before graduating to the more advanced competition forms. There are also a large number of fighting techniques and combinations which gennerally don't appear in competition. I've also seen quite a few traditional schools passing these forms off as "Northern Shaolin".
    I do agree that those old wushu tapes are the best though. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    word Guest
    A form can be traditional or it can be wushu. There is no middle ground. I've seen the old wushu tapes, the beijing wushu team from the 70's, 80's and today. I've seen today's wushu tournaments in China and the US. The only ones I like are the ones from the old days.

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    Brad Guest
    You still haven't answeared my question. How do you tell modern from traditional?

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