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Thread: free "got qi" shirt?

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    free "got qi" shirt?

    Ok, I probably should have thought of this before now, but it never really struck me. I just started subscribing to the magazine this year. With every issue I receive, I also get this form for ordering a subscription, with which I can get a free "got qi?" T-shirt. I didn't order the subscription (it was an xmas gift), so I don't know what the giftgiver did. Is this something I can get with my original subscription? If so, how? If not, it's no big deal, I'll just get one when I renew in December, but if I could get it sooner, that would be cool. Thanks.

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    got qi? shirts

    We offer the got qi t-shirts as a premium for a two-year subscription. If you started subscribing this year and it ends in December, I'm assuming you were only given a one-year subscription, so you (or your friend rather) didn't qualify. Order a two-year when you renew.

    FWIW, sometimes subscription gift givers will order, then keep the shirts themselves.
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