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Thread: How to protect one's groin?

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    How to protect one's groin?

    Can you tell me what are the best ways to protect one's groin

    a) in kicking range against kicks (e.g. a football kick)
    b) punching/trapping range against knees
    c) in the clinch against knees?

    Have you ever been kicked in the groin or have you ever kicked someone in the groin in a real fight intentionally?

    What do you think about groin attacks? Are they overrated? Are they more difficult to land than you'd think?

    Should they be used in street fights? I mean if you try it and it doesn't work right away, you can be sure that your opponent will try to do the same to you, so that's why I wonder if it's really such a good idea.

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    JWTAYLOR Guest
    One of the big misconceptions is that a kick to the groin will instantly stop a fight. That is total bs. I hate to say it, but I've been kicked squa in the nuts more times than I care to remember. Yes, the pain comes, and yes it really hurts. But not right away. Even after a real nut crush you can have 5-10 seconds of good fight in you without any effect what so ever.
    That said, kicking the actual center of the pelvic bone will end a fight immediately, and if broken, will very likely lead to death. But that's one hard kick. It bursts the bladder. This is something that I have witnessed. Not from a kick, but from a fall. An uncle working on our house fell about 4 feet onto a t-post. It broke his pelvic bone and ruptrued his bladder. He didn't die, but almost. Now he pees out of a bag. No fun.

    In the street, kicking the nuts is always a good idea. First, you may really slow the guy down. Second, and more importantly, any movement toward someone's groin tends to make them drop their hands. Then you have their head and neck. Far better targets than the groin. I've kicked plenty of nuts in my time. I've even cracked a few cups along with it.

    The best way to protect your groin is to not have it face your opponent. Also, keep your knees bent when standing. And keep your legs below your waist and tight together when kicking. I've found knees are best protected against by throwing a heal palm toward the knee if possible. It can do some serious damage to the incomming knee, and they won't do it again.


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    JerryLove Guest
    Some of the more effective things...

    Keep your stances closed (the only real exception I can think of is if you need to sprawl, but I doubt someone is going to get your groin from that).
    Keep your kicks low and across the center.
    Dont turn your back (there are some odd exceptions again).

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    Martial Joe Guest
    Cresent stepping,used in Wing Chun but im sure it can work with anything.

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    joedoe Guest
    Giving your opponent a good kick in the nads can give you the edge you need in a fight, but landing them can be difficult. Guys tend to have a sixth sense about it and generally manage to deflect or avoid a groin kick a lot of the time.

    As for defending, I agree on closed stances. They are the quickest defence. If you are quick enough, a block with the knee is also good.

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    prana Guest

    suck it in

    I used to hear claims that a person can use Qi-Gong to suck his groin in during a fight. Yes right in !... Any1 heard this 1 ?

    Breathe till there is no breath...

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    JerryLove Guest
    Yep, Twist Horse Lohan is good for developing that.

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    mad taoist Guest

    prana -- vaccum nads

    Yes, two friends of mine (2 wing chun brothers) were able to do this. It's cos the testicles actually drop from the abdomen (unfortunately, sometimes they don't drop) and it can be 'remembered' how to suck em back up. Very useful -- beats wearing a box out in the city if you're expecting a fight.....

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    Budokan Guest

    Sure Fire Way to Protect Those Nuds

    Look into surgical castration.

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    Mojo Guest
    I would hire 'Charlie's Angels' to protect my groin. !!

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    kwang Guest

    I dont think thats good for you

    I dont think suckingyour nuts into your abdomen is good for you, i wouldn't recommend trying it, that actually happened to me once when I pulled my groin badly slipping on ice, it was....Well lets put it this way, it wasn't a nice sensation.

    Kwang :oP


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    atsai Guest


    I heard the suck-in your groin qi gung too. I wonder if popping it out will be just as easy...


    It's 50% fighter and 50% style.

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    joedoe Guest
    A solid kick in the stomach can often pop them back out apparently.

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    Highlander Guest
    The best way to protect your nuts is "Stop sleeping with your girl friends sister!!!".

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    Koing Guest

    your dam right:)

    lol your dam right:)


    "Bye 4 now; not 4 ever"

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