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Thread: FALUN GONG/Falun Dafa

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    magicfist Guest

    From Zhuan Falun (main Falun Gong book)

    "By the time one reaches the state of Unlocking Gong (kaigong) and is enlightened, this dan will be a bomb that explodes and opens up all supernormal abilities, all locks in the body, and hundreds of energy passes. "Bang," everything will be shaken open. This is what the dan is used for. After a monk is cremated at death, sarira remain. Some people claim that those are bones and teeth. How come everyday people do not have sarira? Those are just the exploded dan, and their energy has been released. They contain in themselves a lot of substances from other dimensions. After all, they are also something of material existence, but of little use. People now take them to be something very precious. They contain energy, and are lustrous, as well as very hard. That is what they are."

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    origenx Guest
    ddh, magicfist - yeah, pearly "pebbles" being left after cremation of enlightened masters is a fairly standard Buddhist phenomenom that is not a new Falun Gong thing.

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    magicfist Guest
    Sorry if I gave the impression that it was strictly a falun gong thing. It was just a description of a phenomenon that has happened to people in the past. By the way, what does ddh mean?

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    Anarcho Guest

    Off topic

    "Orginex, I agree with you about the outright suppression of thoughts and ideas in China. I am very much a supporter of free speech and all the liberties we enjoy in the good ole US of A."

    To start off with, I don't want anyone to get the idea that I'm supporting the Chinese government (or any government for that matter). You do have to remember, however, that much of the information you're getting from the corporate media in the good ole US of A is propaganda, just as it is here in Australia, or anywhere else you care to mention. It strikes me as funny that so many of the same people who knock others for not being more critical of Chinese reports are so completely uncritical of their own media. If you've ever spoken to journalists who work for large media corporations, you'll know that they're the first to admit to "editorial" pressure to keep in synch with what amounts to the party line.

    My personal opinion is that Western governments spend most of their time killing citizens of other countries, while dictatorships tend to work on a domestic basis as well. Then again, that's my personal opinion. I think you have to take absolutely everything you hear or read with a grain of salt. Look at where it's coming from, look at why they want you to believe it...Criticism begins at home. For any of you who are interested, Noam Chomsky has written a number of excellent books about how the government and media in the US and other Western countries lie to their citizens. The good thing is, he usually provides independently verifiable evidence, too. ;)


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    origenx Guest
    anarcho - but that's sorta my point. Both gov's are sorta using FG as a political tool - it's not so much about FG itself. The Chinese gov could really care less what FG is about - they just see it as a threat for instability and insurrection. Just lots of frightened weak old men. The Chinese Communist gov wants to make an example out of FG to suppress other spiritual movements (see Tibet). I think the US is thus fairly concerned about the Chinese persecution aginst FG, but of course it also conveniently fits into their own anti-Communist agenda as well. Which I would have to agree with b/c Communism is a proven failure. Any system built upon human's ideal nature is bound to fail. You have to build it assuming the "worst" in human nature (selfishness, greed, etc.), but then channel those "negative" tendencies in a positive manner. (I.e. - get REAL folks!)

    Bottom line is, everyone should just stick to the facts and evaluate FG on its own merits, instead of kicking it around like a political football. All I hear is lots of hearsay and propaganda still. But I guess that's the point - to cloud the issue by overloading people with misinformation and disinformation until they just get hopelessly confused.

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    GLW Guest
    First off, good post on the idea to be doubtful of all media. The first thing I always ask is why is this person telling me this and where are they coming from...regardless of if the story is from China or from the west.

    As for why China chose to crack down on Falun Gong...really simple, the organization began to attract thousands of followers, then it began to target low level party members and local officials for enticing into the Falun Gong group.

    The thousands of followers is scary enough for the PRC government to take notice. Especially since it got its start in the recent history since Tienanmen Square...but now add the idea of targetting people for inclusion or conversion into the group....and you have a major problem in the eyes of a controlling regime like that of the PRC....

    If I am the government, abuse of power is my right...if you do it, you are being insurgent ...but it is no different in other countries....

    However, the real story is in the Falun Gong book...I actually bought it and have read parts of it just so I would know what the guy was saying. He is certifiable....and I mean a space cadet.

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    Anarcho Guest


    Cheers, OrigenX, I see your point. Just one aside, though, I don't think Marxism is based on considering humans to be naturally good, more on considering them to be changeable depending on their environment. And I definitely agree with you, state run communism couldn't work...You can't force people to do anything without causing more problems than you're solving. I also don't think that state run democracy works, but there you go. :)

    Anyway, this is a thread for another board, so I'll shut up now.

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    dave the dragon Guest

    falun gong and chi gung

    hello there everyone,
    i was reading a book on eastern philosophy the other day and on the part about chi gung it mentioned falun gong now i have never ever heard of this and would like someone to enlighten me if possible in what ways does it differ from chi gung . i ask this because the book did not give a clear definition
    any opinions would be greatly appreciated
    (especially prana because he realy seems to know what hes on about)
    Regards dave

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    PlasticSquirrel Guest

    anyone else practice falun dafa?


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    unclaimed effort Guest
    I could, but....

    Falon gong is really messed up!! You want better health? Practice a martial art.

    Try Hsing-I, Tai Chi, and Bagua.

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    magicfist Guest
    Yep, I do practice falun gong. I've been doing it for about 2 years now and it has changed my life.

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    dhyana Guest



    Please expand on how it has changed your life in the past two years ... I (and I'm sure many others on the forum) would like to hear your account of what you've done to change yourself in such a profound way. I've been considering taking up something like this and welcome all information that you could provide us with!

    "You are never dedicated to something you have complete confidence in. No one is fanatically shouting that the sun is going to rise tomorrow. They KNOW it's going to rise tomorrow. When people are fanatically dedicated to political or religious faiths or any other kinds of dogmas or goals, it's always because these dogmas or goals are in doubt."
    - Robert M. Pirsig in "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"

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    PlasticSquirrel Guest

    i'm not looking to get healthy

    i'm already quite healthy. i started out falun dafa because of the things in li hongzhi's books. his explanations of dimensions and other religions is unrivaled, and his practice of falun dafa seems superior to any other practice in every regard. not because of the movements, but because of the scope, and because the falun mechanism planted into practitioners is a direct way towards cultivating gong (shen).

    it's very deep, though, and some people frankly aren't ready for it, or won't accept it. that's okay, though.

    hey, magicfist, do you think we could talk a little via e-mail about falun dafa? i'm a beginner, and i'm sure you could help me a lot. i've read falun dafa, and large parts of his other writings, and am reading zhuan falun currently. i've also learned the first three forms, and practice them each several times a day. i also try as best i can to practice zhen-shan-ren, but i've been feeling stuck, because i have no way to judge my progress, or even know for sure that i have a falun without my tianmue open.

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    o Guest
    I brought up this old string to complement the new string on falun gong.

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    PlasticSquirrel Guest


    it seems to me that some people would classify this as mystical qigong. however, i don't believe that it ever claimed to be qigong. instead, it is a way of cultivation that includes exercises similar to those of qigong, but with a different purpose. when you have a falun, instead of a dan cluster, then the principles of what you are doing are totally different.

    for instance, once you have a falun, practicing something that uses a dan could not work well. this is because the way they absorb and issue energy is different, and because a falun transforms the energy.

    as i was saying, before i let myself get off the topic, is that it is a way to cultivation, similar to buddhism or daoism. a big difference, however, is that since people can cultivate quickly, and because the enlightenment is gradual, their third eye and supernormal powers develop gradually through practice. you can imagine how a man like li hongzhi, with his third eye and supernormal powers being how they are, could have gained so much knowledge. such an enlightened, or even somewhat enlightened person would seem odd or bizarre in a world like our's. his observations and knowledge wouldn't simply conform itself to what we know now. would the existance of aliens confuse and dumbfound an enlightened person? of course not. he would be able to see exactly what is happening. if he tries to tell the rest of us, this, however, will we believe him? we'll say "how do you know that?" when it should be quite clear to us how he does.

    if you really read his books without attaching yourselves to anything else, it does make sense, what he says. the multi-dimensional aspects are clear and sensible, as are the rest of his teachings.

    the big thing, though, is that we have to stop looking at it as mystical qigong. qi is a very small part of the practice, and is there only to open parts of the body, and to be transformed into gong (shen) by the falun.

    p.s. if li hongzhi wanted to go against the chinese government with millions of practitioners in china, he wouldn't be able to. the reason is because they are non-violent. in fact, the main principles of the system are truthfulness, benevolence, and forbearance.

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