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Thread: FALUN GONG/Falun Dafa

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    jun_erh Guest
    You're probably right. In retrospect, I have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm serious ;)

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    WongFeHung Guest
    the reason falun gong is able to gain a foothold in the usa is because people are of a new generation, who were not around for Rev Sung Myung Moon and his Unification Church, and there are alot of misplaced hippies,woodstock nation burnouts, reiki masters, and granola munching new agers with dream catchers on their rearview mirrors(is that so if they fall asleep while driving, they don't get nightmares?)looking for someone who has all the answers."there's a sucker born every minute"- PT Barnum

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    PlasticSquirrel Guest


    what about in china? there are a huge number of qigong masters. why didn't anyone question him earlier? surely they would have known the levels he was at without even talking to him. how did falun gong become far and away the most practiced qigong in china since the introduction of it in 1992? no one challenges his method or his levels of teaching. he was undisputed in china and his system was praised by the government because it was so powerful.

    for the record, li hongzhi has 40 times the students that sun myung moon did.

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    wuwei Guest

    chi kung instructor really falun gong

    I saw an instructor teaching chi kung(zhineng) style here. He seemed a good fellow, but listening to him more and more,people would tell me that he's really teaching falun gong.Very deceptive man.


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    o Guest

    check this out

    Here are two articles I found at : "Is Qigong Political: A New Look at Falun Gong" by Ken Cohen, and "Falun Gong: A Way of Cultivation Practice" by Tracy Zhu. I have breifly started the first article myself and it looks to be of help to this topic. The site is: Gong

    Here are the article descriptions:

    "Is Qigong Political: A New Look at Falun Gong" Falun Gong has been in the international news and has become a political topic as China attempts to ban the practice and jail participants. Mr. Cohen not only describes the discipline to help us understand it better, but also gives his personal opinions on this very hot topic.

    "Falun Gong: A Way of Cultivation Practice"
    Did Mr. Cohen's article in the last issue (above) lead to misunderstanding about Falun? Here, a Falun Gong practitioner responds with an article that answers some of questions brought forward with their own personal experience

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    KF4LIFE Guest


    Has anyone been practicing the Falun qi gong system and have any comments about it. I personally have only been practicing the exercises and sitting postures for a bout a week and i feel the tremedous power increase. Any one else with good results?

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    TIger Hand Guest

    It is a health exercise like any other, i don't know why some people who does falun start thinking they are like "supermen." Maybe that why china is putting them in jail.

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    PlasticSquirrel Guest


    falun dafa is not like other qigong methods. it does not facilitate dan, or elixer, nor use the dan tian for anything other than the falun. it is spiritual qigong, similar to the rare methods found in chinese buddhism, daoism, and tibetan buddhism, and thus does not emphasize qi very much, although the exercises do work it to supplement the other aspects of falun dafa.

    the people who practice falun dafa and are jailed for it are very peaceful and humble. they are jailed because there are too many of them for the government to keep under it's thumb. they are not just jailed, though. they are sent to labor camps and are tortured. over 200 have been beaten or tortured to death, and for a reason no better than what the government gives for doing the same thing to tibetans and christians in their country.

    if they do seem to be "super men", it is because they can see through their celestial/heavenly eyes, through to other dimensions. this is not unique to falun dafa, but it is much rarer to find people of those levels in buddhism and daoism today. also, many practitioners are said to have supernormal powers of many kinds, but are emphasized not to use them.

    i have read li hongzhi's two main books (china falun gong and zhuan falun), and found them to be very deep and fascinating. i, however, do not practice falun dafa. i know that at least one person on this forum practices it, and has gotten very positive results, but i've forgotten the name.

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    shaolinboxer Guest
    This group, although peaceful, is indeed as dangerous as any other cult.

    I think the way the Chinese govt has handled them is attrocious, but if you consider what happened during the Taiping Rebellion, when a chrisitian cult almost took over the country, it easier to understand why they are so worried.

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    TIger Hand Guest

    Maybe? The gov't claims falun has destroyed peoples lives and also their families. Do we know of the stories? or is the gov't just talking BS?
    Supermen? haha...hardly. If you tell me falun can improve health, calm mind, foucs thinking...etc. ok, but once you tell me BS like i don't have to eat because i know falun....well i say your are a cult.

    If what the gov't say is true then they should be dealt with like any other extremist cult.

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    On Falun Gong

    What do you think of this site:

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    Falun Gong....thoughts?

    I know very little about Falun Gong - except that it is pretty controversial and the Chinese government has outlawed it.

    An old Qigong master/healer once explained to me - in broken English - that it is dangerous.

    Anyone have experience in this area?
    Got any references?

    Adam Stanecki - Practitioner of common sense.

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    Lightbulb Falun gong

    Need to revive this forum. I don't practice this, however I did a research paper for my Poli sci class. I want to know what you all think persecuted group or evil cult?

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    "Need to revive this forum"

    I hope you've seen our posting and hard work reviving this forum before you wrote that

    Falun Gong is kind of evil cult-y, but the chinese government has overreactet with a big O, in their persecution of them.

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