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Thread: Krav Maga

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    frosh2786 Guest

    Krav Maga

    anyone take this? im interested could you please givem e some info

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    Budokan Guest
    It appears to be a hard and dirty, no nonsense style that cherrypicks techniques from a variety of styles. (Yes, Rolls, even wrestling. Now your nuds are hard, I know. Go relieve yourself into your pillowcase.)

    From what I've heard it's brutal and efficient; a true kill-or-be-killed program. I'm hoping a seminar comes my way sometime, I'd like to check it out. If I'm not mistaken it has rapidly become the vanguard of all the "reality-stressed" styles, but the cost to train even for a weekend is exhorbitant. But, to each his own.

    K. Mark Hoover

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    Shiro Tora Guest

    Krav Maga

    From what i understand, it is a style designed to take down your attacker, or target in a matter of seconds, it is the style tought to the Israel Special Forces, i think this is a website for it.. but it may be wrong... i know someone that someone she knows is trying to get certified to teach it.. lots of paperwork and stuff i guess.. heh

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    Daedalus Guest

    Krav Maga

    Any of you guys ever train in Krav Maga?

    I hear that it can be pretty brutal as a means of self-defense.

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    JerryLove Guest
    Right on cue.

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    samurai Guest

    Krav Maga

    Anyone train in Krav Maga?
    What is the art like and can you give us some of the defining priniciples of the art?

    The Swordless Samurai

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    JerryLove Guest
    Do a search for it, this topic comes up every couple months.

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    JerryLove Guest
    I stand corrected, it comes up every couple months but has not been delt with in a while.

    Firstly, you have already made conclusions (I presume) having posted this in "reality fighting" rather than "other arts".

    Krav is a recently created style intended for millitary and police training. It's relatively simple to perform, and easy to learn. It is built around the precept of a strong, prepared individual (soldier / police) and quick response (one imagines to stall while going for a weapon or getting a friend).

    It has not show (AFAIK) any real look at advanced work, nor that it adapts particularly well to women, children, old people etc. It also runs into trouble against highly trained opponents (you won't see it in NHB anytime soon).

    For what it was designed for, it seems like a good solid system.

    Let the flaming begin.

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    Water Dragon Guest
    I think I may have learned a little this weekend. If so, it's good stuff.

    You may take my life, but you will never take my Freedom

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    Grappling-Insanity Guest
    From what I've seen good in Israel, bad in North America.

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    fmann Guest
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>From what I've seen good in Israel, bad in North America. [/quote]

    Yeah, from what I've seen at some schools in NYC, it's too technique based rather than "free-flowing." e.g., the classes were "if this happens, do this."

    I don't know if that kind of training would be able to deal with the uncertainties of a real fight. I'm not questioning the system, but just what I saw at this school.

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    Kristoffer Guest
    its cool over here, dunno how good it is where your at

    "maybe not in combat..... but think of the chicks man, the chicks!"

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    JerryLove Guest
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Yeah, from what I've seen at some schools in NYC, it's too technique based rather than "free-flowing." e.g., the classes were "if this happens, do this." [/quote]

    Look at millitary or police training sometime. That is how much of it is geared.

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    Zhin Guest

    Cardio Krav Maga!

    Has anyone else seen this?

    I ran across an infomercial about it saturday.

    Is the Mossad really so hard up for cash that they feel the need to compete for Billy Blanks' empire?

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    my ex kung fu brother gave up teaching 8 step to teach krav maga! I say the video and thought why? israelli fighting taticts and learning how to take a gun from someone? not really impressed at all. As for cardio aspect Im sure its good for a workout and to get the blood pumping but so is aerobics.....

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