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Thread: Chi Blast?

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    SevenStar Guest

    Real life chi blast?

    The Cosmos Palm is an advanced Shaolin art that is sometimes mentioned but little known. As it could cause severe internal injury if inflicted on an opponent, masters were careful to teach this art only to tested disciples. The Cosmos Palm is also very useful in healing others.

    It is different from the Buddha Palm of Choy-Li-Fatt Kungfu. While the Buddha Palm is "hard", the Cosmos Palm is "soft". The method of training is also different.

    The Cosmos Palm is a "skill" or ability, and not a technique or a form. Once you have acquired this Cosmos Palm skill or ability or force, you can implement it using any technique or in any form, although in combat it is usually implemented in the form of a palm strike. I mention "skill or ability or force": because there is no English equivalent term for what it is expressed in Chinese as gong (pronounced as "kung").

    It is called Cosmos Palm because the force used in its application is derived from the cosmos. Through years of appropriate practice, the exponent has stored a tremendous amount of energy which he has tapped from the cosmos, in his dan tian or abdominal energy field. Much of the training concerns mind and energy; the outward form is bafflingly simple. When needed, the exponent uses his mind to channel his energy from his dan tian to strike an opponent or to heal somebody. Strictly speaking, it is not the palm that strikes, but the energy from the exponent that distorts the energy field of the opponent. The oponent can be seriously injured, and the damage is delayed (i.e. it may come many days after the strike) and there may be no external marks.

    Different external forms can be used to acquire the Cosmos Palm, and "Pushing Mountains" is one such form. But even if you practise Pushing Mountains for 20 years, you will not acquire the Cosmos Palm unless you also know the mind and energy dimensions involved. The mind and energy dimensions must be taught by a master; faulty practice, which is not uncommon in such advanced arts, causes serious problems.

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    Braden Guest
    Sounds like a ridiculously romanticized version of the goals of any internal martial art. There's nothing overtly mystical here.

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    shinwa Guest
    Dragonball Z baby!

    Well in all seriousness anythiong is possible, and I don't know everything so i'm not gonna say it's hogwash heh heh. Weird stuff that energy. I remember reading in some scientific magazine that every human supposedly has 20-30 eet of personal energy surrounding them at all time. A bioelectric shield or some crap like that. Read it awhile ago.


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    Ming the Merciless Guest

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    Wongsifu Guest
    yeah well it is possible if you go to india and see those faqirs that devote thier lives to doing things like sucking up petrol from their Pen!s head and then shooting it out and lighting it , and other things like walking on water well then you got the poeple who can do tyhese things

    what do bin laden and general custer have in common????
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    diego Guest

    K WONG


    "I finish the job with a tiger claw into the throat. Remember guys'INSERT CORNY WHITEBOY VOICE' use extreme violence against your opponents always, that will discourage them from hurting other people" kungfu site technique sec.VS?."...

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    Turiyan Guest

    Sounds like internal palms

    Internal palms uses "reverse breathing" you breath out on the push and exhale on the draw back. Pretty basic stuff. You have to connect the movements with the lower dan tien, but thats pretty easy. It actually has a pulling sensation.

    In application, you breath out on the push, and extend chi from the lower dan tien. Also pretty basic. Its really a primitive energy source, the tailbone is more powerful, and the solar plexus is the real source of power.

    That kind of chi is a gross type of chi. The solar plexus can be developed to generate and convert higher forms of "prana" which can be directed to the extremitys of the body.

    The esoteric is for people that dont know. Veda comes from the sanskrit vit, meaning "to know". Sanskrit and latin are very similar languages. Vit in latin would be vital.

    A lot of those skills you read about were discovered by accident and the people that do them really dont know how they work anyways.

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    chokeyouout2 Guest
    I ate some asada's last nite and experienced multiple chi blasts.

    When you'r telling one of your little stories, here's a idea; Have a point, it makes it so much more interesting for the reader.

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    herring Guest
    That paraphrase at the end was such a rip off ;)

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    chokeyouout2 Guest


    Unless you tell me where it's from,;I made it up.

    When you'r telling one of your little stories, here's a idea; Have a point, it makes it so much more interesting for the reader.

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    Talking OT: How to do a "Ki Blast"!

    Sort of found this amusing... This is how you do a ki blast in REAL LIFE!

    "I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMOOOOORE!!" haha I'm gonna remember that one.


    In this move you will have to say and think these words while doing the technique.

    Stand sidewards to your target with your legs shoulder width apart. Breathe slowly to help you.


    Collect energy into your body and fill it up but dont store it.


    Store the positive energy into your tan-tien. I visualize little +s to help me. Store the negative energy in another part of your body. I visualize little s to help me.


    Create a Ki ball with the negative energy (-) in your cupped hands. Make more and more Ki balls and compact them together to make the attack even more powerful. Move the positive energy (+) to your wrists.


    Visualize the ball spinning at very high speeds. Also visualize an invisible line going from the ball to the target.


    Thrust your hands forward with your hands open like a rectangle shape with its top line cut off. Visualize the ball with the negative energy is being pushed along by a beam of positive energy.

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    Visualize or look at a person about 4 metres away from you at the most. Visualize the Ki in their body and get your Ki to make a river and touch their Ki. You should get a thud in your stomach. The more powerful the thud, the more powerful the person. This technique takes time to develop. It may even take a month for some people so please be patient.

    Here is a table showing what the thuds mean.

    A whole month? Not bad. My sphincter cannon is more powerful than all of his techniques though.
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    lol how long would it take to train to be able to do a kamehameha?

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    If youre getting bullied, do not do anything, just bottle it up inside of you. Do this for about 1 month and more if you want to be really powerful and lift a car ect

    just get beaten up for a month.....

    actually i do find that you have more power if you bottle things up(emotionally i guess) and release energy or perform say hitting a punching bag.

    have you guys ever played sonic blast man? that punching game about 15 years old - there are to of them, im not talking about the one where your take a picture of yourself.
    well anyway, before i could only get like 115-120 on that but one day i was felling abit down (doesnt matter why) and played this game, i got 135 (yes on the same machine), now, i know this is probably a long shot but could this be similar.....?

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    Thats not how to do a proper Chi do a proper chi blast you just need 1 stupid student who really belives that you are a "master" and who will fall over on command.

    Also the bottling emotions up thing?......I can see that working in the UK as we are very bad at showing our emotions but since when did a yank ever suck back a tear?
    LOL.. really, what else did you hear?.. did you hear that he was voted Man of the Year by Kung-Fu Magizine?

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