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Thread: Help- 18 Lohan Movements

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    Shaolin36 Guest

    Help- 18 Lohan Movements

    I would like to learn the 18 lohan movements or should I say 36 or 108 and my sifu does not teach this. Can anybody reccomend a good VHS tape that covers everything about this. I pick up forms pretty fast but I like the tapes that show the form and then break it down.
    Please list where I can attain this tape as well.

    Thank you,

    Fan Tou Rui

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    prana Guest
    Learning Lohan is different from learning forms. One practises a "form" of about 3-5 moves for the rest of their lives. They are also only taught in secrecy, to selected disciples....

    eg Laughing Lohan

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    Shaolin36 Guest
    go climb a rock

    oh, my bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    prana Guest
    yes sir !!! :)

    Just realised what I said before could come across as a bad thing. My apologies.

    Lets just say many people do not have the patience to practise the internal/few moves forms so masters tend to choose what is taught to whom based on a knowledge of the student etc... err you know what I mean ?

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    joedoe Guest
    Some teachers will teach the 18 lohan, but more the fighting forms rather than the qigong forms. What type are you looking for?

    Wasn't the kungfu magazine running a series on the 18 lohan? Maybe you should email Gene Ching and see if he can help you out.

    You're fu(king up my chi

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    baji-fist Guest

    18 Lohan

    You may want to check out Master Su Yu Chang's tapes on the 18 Lohan. He has a wide array of videos and I have learned half of the 18 from him. Definitely some good stuff. You can check out his website at
    I also think Count sells Master Su's tapes on his site at Hope this helps!!!

    You must eat bitter before you can taste sweet.

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    Tainan Mantis Guest

    18 Lohan and Damo

    The 18 Lohan form that Guo Bao-Lo refers to is the same form published in a book by the famous 7 Star praying mantis master Huang Han Hsun (Wong Hon Fun).

    In his book he states that this form is the one taught at Shaolin by Damo.
    I don't know how to verify that, but at least the form looks like it could be that old.

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    Shaolin36 Guest
    Ok Prana, I misunderstood your comment-Thanks for clarifying.

    The type of 18 lohan form I am interested in is the Qiqong type and the closest to the "original shaolin form" as possible.
    Thanks for the input so far-
    If you can still steer me the right way it would be much appreciated!

    Fan TOu Rui

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    jun_erh Guest
    I've been learning the one in the magazine. Is that the fighting form I guess.

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    joedoe Guest
    From what I have seen and learned of the qigong forms, it looks more like yoga than a kung fu set. Lots of stretching moves, breathing patterns and awkward positions :).

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    Shaolin36 Guest
    The one I am interested in is the one Shi Yanming executed in the Documentary on the discovery channel.(in front of the pillars) One gentleman on another site said the he has seen it for sale in "Kung Fu Magazine" but wasnt sure if it was still there. Maybe a moderator can jump in here and lend a hand?



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    prana Guest
    no problems, my handle on English makes for many misunderstandings. But I never mean any offense.

    Looking for a legitimate master of the 18 arahats is difficult. Perhaps we could start with locality and how much you are willing to travel to learn :)

    In honesty, it has been a while since I knew of anyone who knew these teachings.

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    Shaolin36 Guest
    Didnt realize it was a language barrier, sorry-there are alot of people that like to talk a lot of crap on here.

    Truthfully, it would be hard to find time for another sifu, but I am always open to new suggestions. I live in SF bay area-. The tape would be perfect but let me know what you think.


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    Jaguar Wong Guest
    I think a friend of mine has that video you're refering to. He's got a set of videos that feature 10 tradional hand sets from Shaolin (not the 10 Northern Shaolin core sets, they're different ones). The one that Shi Yan Ming was performing is on one of the tapes. I'll try to get you the name if I can get a hold of him.

    I was expecting a bunch of Wu Shu type stuff, but they were very straight forward, traditional type sets, and the guys performing them had a lot of power (except for one guy who was flexing the whole time. I thought he was learning Kung Fu, not body building :) He did move fast, even though he seemed very tense the whole time.)

    The tapes are in Chinese, but the instructor goes step by step, and there's a group of students behind him learning the set as well, so you can see some of the mistakes to watch out for.

    Jaguar Wong

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    Shaolin36 Guest
    JW, thats great if you can get info for me.
    I just bought the video "Da Lohan" Form(the greater one) whatever that means by monk Hengzhong. It is the Lohan Fist form. Has anyone seen this or learnt from this? How is it?

    I am still looking for the one by Shi Yanming.



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