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Thread: Apple/Mac

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    Demitrius Barbito Guest


    Who amoung us are Apple/Mac users???

    Demi Barbito
    Head Instructor
    PFS of SLO

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    JWTAYLOR Guest
    I have always said that everyone in the world will fall into a couple of neatly defined catagories.

    Mac or IBM
    Beetles or Stones

    As for me: IBM and Roling Stones


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    Robinf Guest
    Macintoshes are for eating. IBM doesn't taste as good so I use that for computing.

    You having a problem with your Mac?

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    qy Guest
    Mac user here

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    Jaguar Wong Guest
    Before I answer I have to ask something. Is this thread going to turn into a "PC is better than Mac", or "Mac is better than PC" debates? Cause we all know that Crosscomputing is the key to become a more effective user. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    I use both. My Mac is for home use, while this piece of junk PC (200 Mhz) that keeps crashing (about 10 times a day) is for use at work. I prefer Mac, but I have always used both.

    Jaguar Wong

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    YuenBaio Guest
    I really don't understand the point of this thread, but oh well. Hey I like both mostly. MAC doesn't make as good Desktop computer, but they make good Laptops. PCs are good on both sides.

    I'm a PC user myself

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    Demitrius Barbito Guest
    The reason I ask is because we are doing some "promo" CD Roms...

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    GinSueDog Guest
    I use both, but I prefer PCs.-ED

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    Prairie Guest
    Long Live Linux!!!

    *sorry, I couldn't resist*


    [This message has been edited by PrairieGirl (edited 07-02-2000).]

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    qy Guest
    thats cool. I'd like to talk to you more about that. Can ya email me

    sadly, I have a pc at home thats been taken over by win '98.


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    SifuAbel Guest
    Mac here. Tested graphics software for a year on both. Macs rule!!!

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    amifree Guest
    I have three, no, wait...1-2-3-4 macs....every one of them has been great to me and one is an original 233 mhx imac and it still beats my friends 500mhz dell. I apologize for this outburst of computing enthusiasm.....


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    GinSueDog Guest
    If you guys like risc then it should be Sun System all the away. Anything else is down right crude.-ED

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    SwiftKill Guest
    I am going to put it plain and simple.

    If you like to work on your computer, then go with an IBM.

    If you like to get work done, then go with a MACINTOSH.

    Plain & Simple.

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    MonkeySlap Too Guest
    I cross train using both a Mac and the PC.

    Because, as we all know, all fights ultimately end up on the PC [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img].

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