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Thread: Weak Points

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    New Guy Guest

    Weak Points

    I was wondering what the pressure points are and weak points are on the human body. If there is a good web site please post it.

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    Tru-MA Guest
    I found a website that's kinda along those lines, but I'm not sure if it's right for what you're looking for. I'm looking for websites that have pressure points myself (I already know more vital points than I'd like to, and I'd rather go with pressure points). Erle Montaigue's Taijiquan website has free items, and one of them is a point location book for dim-mak (the death touch). I downloaded the zip for the diagrams to it, although I'm not going to make use of these point strikes anytime soon. The website is at:

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    totallyfrozen Guest
    Well, I don't know about any websites but I have a couple of books.
    I have seen 3 books and I own 2 of them.
    "KyuSho-Jitsu: The Dillman method of Pressure Point Fighting" by George Dillman w/Chris Thomas
    "Advanced Pressure Point Fighting of RyuKyu Kempo" by George Dillman w/Chris Thomas

    These are published by Dillman. They are a bit expensive, about $35 a piece.

    There is another book or two out there by G. Dillman. I haven't looked for a website.
    This is the real stuff in these books. I've used it myself in self-defense situations and it works VERY effectively on ANYBODY no matter what size they are.
    The s**t in these books is very dangerous stuff so be careful or you can kill someone accidentally. Some of the deadly strikes won't kill a guy right might take 3 days for the nervous system to shut down.
    No careful!

    This is pressure point fighting, though, so there are techniques in here that are not fatal...but VERY effective!
    One of the nice things that these books teach is how to revive someone after you've knocked them out with a strike and also how to massage a point that you have struck to remove pain, paralysis of the spot, etc. If you don't use these techniques your opponent could be left in pain for DAYS. I was struck lightly on the side of the neck by an irresponsible guy who wanted to try a technique without getting my consent (in fact, he didn't tell me he was gonna hit me...he wanted to see the "real" effect). My neck, shoulder, arm, and head hurt for 3 days. I had trouble massaging the area myself. Needless to say, I don't get near the guy anymore. He's dangerous.

    I hope that this helped a bit.

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