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Thread: Kung Fu schools help

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    Kung Fu schools help

    I'm planning to attend a kung fu school, however the style he specifies is rather a general category rather than a style. Having been previously part of more standardized martial systems, systems that didn't vary between kwoon/dojo/dojang i am somewhat reluctant to join. He simply calls the martial art they teach southern shaolin. A few forms i recognize from hung gar, 2, but the rest i have never seen before. They also teach some of the animals. The forms they teach do not fall under a particular single art. Is it wise to join a school that seemingly is not recognized or does not follow the patterns or a recognized organization.
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    I'm guessing the guy has a fairly broad range of experience, has specialized in a few things that work best for him, and is teaching from that perspective.

    I don't see anything wrong with that, except that it might limit your ability to make the choices he's been able to make.

    This however, is a guess based on nothing in particular.

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    It is all very similar (the southern Shaolin and the hung gar).. If you like the way he teaches, and like some of the stuff he's teaching then I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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    You should indentify what your needs are before joining. If that school does not meet YOUR NEEDS, keep looking. Otherwise you may not be happy with your choice. I would suggest that you visit several schools. Sit in for an entire class for each one you visit. Talk to the students if possible. After each visit write your assessment of the school in a notebook; include small stuff like vibes, etc. That notebook should have a checklist of what your needs are to begin with. After you are finished making your rounds, choose the one that best meets your needs.

    Based on what you are asking, this is all I can suggest.


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