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Thread: To: Hung Ga People SAM-SING(Three Star drill)

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    To: Hung Ga People SAM-SING(Three Star drill)

    Does any have a full explanation of explanation of the techniques of Sam-Sing and the purpose for the practice of it. Besides the bridging hands and the toughening of the forearms.
    AND video clips of it...

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    sam sing, ng sing, chut sing, gao sing, all these star blocking exercises are found in many different schools of kungfu outside of Hung Ga as well.

    they are for developing blocking skill, the bridge arm, dissipation of neuraligia, bone density, skin toughening and muscle toughening.

    sometimes refered to as "arm knocking", this practice is usually painful for beginners but in teh long run provides benefits to it's practitioners inasmuch as their arms will be able to withstand force feedback when striking.

    Kung Fu is good for you.

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    We have the 3, 5, 7, and 10 (9 with a push) star drills in my pak mei. The 3 star (sam xing) are usually done closed fist in a similar way to hung gar, the rest are done open hand. Kung lek pretty much covered it all as to what the drills are for.
    I know quite a few styles use these techniques and i believe that they have a shaolin origin.

    This is a link to a diagram of hung gar sam xing. we do the same but the hand that is not blocking is held in a different position as we do not punch from the hip in pak mei.

    Hope this helps


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