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Thread: everyday common EFFECTIVE weapons?

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    jeoffrey04 Guest

    everyday common EFFECTIVE weapons?

    for example in the movie Fist of Legend whenever Jet Li uses his belt against the Japanese Samurai General, any body know of any info that could help me "train" in the art of "belt fighting" ? or other common everday weapon self defense?


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    JWTAYLOR Guest

    "Spike and Chain"

    See if you can find the book, "Spike and Chain" by a guy named somthing like Gruzanski. That can't be the name but it's something like that. Great book. It will teach you the basics of chain work, and it call all be easily applied to a belt.


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    MaFuYee Guest
    unorthodox weapons will help you if you already know how to fight.
    if not, chances are that most non-orthodox weapons won't help that much.

    e.g. a simple pen can become a devastating weapon, not so much because you will stab them with it, rather, what i was taught was to throw the guy, and put the pen on the ground, tip up, right where he is going to land. - now, this won't help you too much if you can't throw the guy in the first place.

    of course, if you were to hit the guy with the tip of the pen, it will hurt, perhaps even more than a pheonix eye, but again, that is assuming you can hit him in the first place.

    in my tai chi class, when learning the straight sword, it was demonstrated how you can use the straight sword principles using the corner of a book. (but just putting a book in the hands of someone who does not know what to do with it, won't be much of a deciding factor in a fight anyway.)

    a beginner may have an advantage with a bladed weapon, or a club of some sort, against the average fighter, but when going against a skilled fighter, it is very likely that the beginner will have the weapon stripped from him and used against him.

    i am more an advocate of using and developing ones mind, than focusing on paranoia based scenarios

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    Demi @ CSPT Guest

    Improvised Weapons

    We teach the methodical use of improvised weapons:

    o Pens, keys, screwdrivers etc.
    o Chain, belt, hose etc.
    o Car antenna, news paper etc.
    o Bottle (broken or un broken)
    o Dog food can (open with the lid partially attached)
    o Sock with two D batteries in it
    o Pillow case with shampoo bottles in it

    I could go on and on...

    The structure we use is Kali.
    The most important element though is, "How you train!!!".

    Demi Barbito
    The C.S.P.T.
    "A Lethal Force Institute"

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    tsb Guest
    A pillowcase filled with shampoo bottles?

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    Kymus Guest
    I have trained in Kali for 4 years, which emphasises the stick and dagger. You can easily use a pen as a dagger as I've seen when I'm bored I'll use that in a numbering drill. Or there is always the sock full of quaters.....


    "Crosstraining is the key"
    ~Sifu Rick Tucci~

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    shimera Guest
    you could allways use the blunt end of the pen to hit pressure points.

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    SCP Guest

    Believe it or not...

    A rolled up magazine. Give it a try. Just roll it up really tight and hold it in the middle instead of at the end. You can jab pretty hard with it both in a stabbing motion and a rabbit punch-backhand motion.

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    totallyfrozen Guest
    Sock full of quarters, pillow case full of shampoo bottles...
    What are you guys? Inmates?
    You're right, those things WOULD work. It's just humorous to see prison weapons mentioned on an MA forum.

    As far as using a pen for something OTHER than stabbing. Well, I think that you need to remember that the pen will be the strongest when the impact is on one of the tips as opposed to the side. If you wanted to use it as a small bar or something, you would probably want something stronger than a writing pen; something like a piece of wood or metal.

    "There is only ONE karate"

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    totallyfrozen Guest
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>...what I was taught was to throw the guy, and put the pen on the ground, tip up, right where he is going to land.[/quote]

    Are you serious?! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]
    That sounds like something from a Jackie Chan movie to be honest. I have been in a few fights and I don't ever recall having the time or the perfect coordination between me and my opponent to execute some magic trick like that. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif[/img]

    Have you had a chance to try it? Does it really work?
    I'm picturing trying to throw a guy while, simultaneously, trying to hold a pen, on the ground, pointing up. The pen isn't going to stand on its end all by itself, you would have to get down on the ground and hold it there, pointing up. You would have to, also, be throwing the guy while you're doing this.
    Did I miss something? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]
    How could this be done? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]

    "There is only ONE karate"

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    Grays Anatomy Guest

    Next time you are walking through the wrong part of town

    Next time you are walking through the wrong part of town get yourself a hot cup of coffee - particularly from a diner (there coffee is ****ed HOT!). Just walk down the street with it in your hand. YOu don't have to drink it.

    Ever spill some on your lap - imagine what it would be like in the face.

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    8stepsifu Guest

    Thats all fine and dandy.....

    until you get lost, your coffee gets cold and the street people kick your ass. Most of the things mentioned are time consuming and don't create much more hitting power...Why not just punch...ah well. Everyday I have a belt..I would not whip it off if someone shoved me because they might think I was trying to seduce them. Secondly it would depend on where I like frisbees to the teeth. Auto Parts store. Chuck parts. The only place I ever get near any trouble is at someone's house party/kegger or a dance club. Either way there is no time to get a weapon. A jinged (power generation) up shove gets the message across. If anything coins to the face as a distraction followed by a punch to the gut or knee to the nuts. I personally would hate to have a credit card swiped hard against my neck, so I think this would at least be a detourent. Even bad guys are afraid of psycos.
    In kung fu movies, the guys flip their jackets over to block, but his is retarded. Ever watch hockey? If I had no where to run agains a knifefighter I would take off a jacket and use it to block and wrap them u

    8Step Sifu

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    tsb Guest

    Maybe this will convince the doubters out there

    Just the other day, some lunatic broke through my front door just as I was feeding Fido dinner. As he came rampaging towards me in the kitchen, I began to panic. Before he could clobber me, however, I remembered the empty dog food can (with the lid partially attached of course) on the counter inches from my hand. I grabbed it and began to slice my maniacal attacker to ribbons. The dog food can had saved my life. And you guys didn't believe such a weapon could work. I now carry a pillowcase filled with shampoo bottles with me in my backpack at all times.

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    tsb Guest

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    yamato_damashii Guest

    I hate to break the mood with a serious reply, but...

    When I'm at work, I always carry a mini maglight with me (I work at night, duh). Not only does it work as a striking device, but it can be used very painfully in wristlocks as well, as I learned in MP school.
    I'd rather have ANY weapon in fight (even a can of dog food) than none. The usefulness of an improvised weapon depends more on the inventiveness of the user than original purpose of the weapon.

    Jason C. Diederich
    Pax Nobiscum

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