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    Jet Flame WC Guest


    I was just wonderin' is there a bigger chance that you'll be challenged or end up in a fight if people knew that you were a martial artist?

    Those who try, keep trying. Those who do, finish.

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    shimera Guest
    i would say the younger you are the more likely it is... say a kid on the playground???? one kid is telling his friends how he started karate or something a few months ago and some bully over hears it well thats instant fighting material.

    but deffently the older you get the more mature your peers should get, hence less likely chance you would get in a fight just because of your MA... however a few words of wisdom is don't go blabbing your mouth about your MA or you could end up in that fight, or confuntation.

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    mild7 Guest


    Of course! Once someone finds out you're a martial artist.. trouble usually follows in some way or other. Either he'll get jealous(start to hate you), feel threatened(pick a fight with you), or he'll start debating with you over some silly issue(e.g. the art you practice sucks).
    It's best not to go around acting like a hardcore martial artist.. seriously, it's not worth the trouble. When I was in high school I'd get into fights probly around twice a yr.. when I started martial arts and made the mistake of telling ppl about it I got into fights at least once a month.
    Of course, I did'nt lose one after I started training in the MA although I have come pretty close to it.
    Basically, you'll be a lot happier if you don't go around telling ppl that you're a martial artist. Ppl will find out anyway sooner or later and they'll respect you a lot more for not making a big show out of it.

    You can't really blame ppl for acting that way... just imagine this scenario, a guy you know suddenly goes around telling ppl he's into Aikido(for example) and starts saying that he's a badass and Seagal can kick anyone's ass. Man, if he told me that I would'nt mind giving him a free life lesson.
    Now, imagine this other scenario, you meet a nice guy who does'nt dwell on talking about the MA etc.. then you find out one day that he's been into martial arts for a long time and he's pretty good at it. You just can't seem to help having some form of respect for him.

    sorry for the essay

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    JWTAYLOR Guest


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    origenx Guest
    Actually, I think fights have more to do with your age and personality than most anything else.

    You get into proportionally less fights the older you get. I mean, 35-yo's would just feel really childish to get into a shoving match!

    People who are very thin-skinned and ego-driven are obviously far more prone to get into fights than someone who is laid back and doesn't care what people think about them...

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    Tru-MA Guest

    Let me show my view as a 16-year-old

    You guys are pretty much correct. I remember when I was much younger and pretended to know martial arts (I was about 6 or 7 and didn't begin training 'til age 9) and well, bullies came and beat me up. Of course, after I started training and bragged some more (around 7th grade, age 12) there were "friends" of mine that acted as instigators and I ended up getting my butt kicked some more. Nowadays I keep my mouth shut because I've noticed and am noticing that people basically belittle martial artists. I hate that.
    Well, that and a really really old article from a martial arts magazine I found that talked about using your skills to a certain degree to avoid trouble with the law. I realized then that it wasn't smart of me to spout out about how I'm a master of (_______<---insert style name here) because that was like revealing my "secret weapon"
    in a street fight. Never let anyone know that you're a martial artist unless you've got a good reason (like trying to explain to your wife while you're out all day [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] ).
    If you think of the training that you've recieved as your "secret weapon", that'll definitely shut your mouth from saying anything about it, don't you think?

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