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Thread: fingertip pushups

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    Fingertip pressups

    I practice fingertip pressups

    My training is
    I have a golds gym hand strengthening tool with adjustable tension. I practice 30 squeezes in each hand with three sets. Effectively 90 reps per hand. I increased the tension slowly to near maximum.

    I do 20 fingertip pressups with five sets. Effectively 100 fingertip pressups.

    This is my schedule for 5 days a week with saturday and sunday rest.

    I practice tai chi and a lot of the applications involve joint locking and manipulation. I have found my training fine and safe, as long as you start slow and be mindful of your practice.

    The results of the training are that I have superb grip strength for siezing and controlling opponents. My finger strength adds a new dynamic to the tools I have in combat. Not only can I use fists (by the way im also doing iron palm training), grabbing and controlling methods, I can also strike with my fingers.

    Finger striking is used for pressure points (dim mak). A two finger jab can often produce far more pain than a punch. its like being prodded with a stick in the ribs feels painful in a different way than a punch and can be more dibilitating. Also the added strength can let you press those pressure points harder causing extreme pain.

    Without the conditioning, fingers are generally too weak to be effective.

    Try a couple of months training and see what you think. If it improves your martial arts and you enjoy it, then you hae found a new edge to your training. If you think its not worth the extra effort, just drop it from your training regimen.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Leigh Robinson

    Hand forged, Hand Folded Japanese and Chinese Swords including Katana, Jian, Dao, Qiang (spear)

    Education Centre & Forum for Bladed Weaponry.

    Chinese Sword Society UK

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    Suggest checking into Iron Hand training-stimulates hand and wrists while
    also connecting to internal organs thru use of herbal bag equipment and
    proper hand striking techniques onto herbal bag-see Oom Yung Doe
    website for info.

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    forearm/wrist training

    if you after traing your wrists or forearms then maybe a powerball would suit you,,low impact and very very good,although saying that i love knuckle push ups...

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    but while we on the subject anyone know any good ways of building the fingers strength without using the push up technique.....

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