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Thread: Wushu

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    seriously has its Martial merits.....I just still have yet to find any!
    Well, we all know wushu is not a fighting art, most wushu practitioners will allow that however it does have some martial application to it if you look hard enough. It's not the sort of thing you want to practice for self defense or for sport fighting however.
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    I believe that wushu is an excellent art for developing one's foundations for further training. Wushu practitioners, as I've seen it, have extremely good form (better than most traditional players according to my own observations, even though their power generation might not be correct) and that's an integral part of martial arts training, because proper form leads to good power generation on the longer run, regarding that the student receives appropriate instruction. They are also capable of adapting to many different styles (of kung fu), because already modern wushu itself is a very diverse system containing a multitude of different styles and forms being strenuous and physically very demanding. Wushu requires its students to be precise on their movements, so they become perfectionists in a sense, because they are constantly required to practice every move with maximal correctness (precision and gracefulness being their priority).
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    Or should that be looking good while getting beat?
    As opposed to traditionalists, who look like s#it while getting beat

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    Originally posted by Brad

    As opposed to traditionalists, who look like s#it while getting beat
    I resemble that remark.
    Quote Originally Posted by Oso View Post
    AND, yea, a good bit of it is about whether you can fight with what you know...kinda all of it is about that.

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    It is good for athletisism, flexibility, etc.. but if you want to get into fighting... look elsewhere.
    practice wu de

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    Attn : Tiger Yin & All Others Looking for a Good Chat!

    Originally posted by Tiger_Yin
    Omg wendy :O HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaahahah.... didnt know you still hung around here probly forgot how we used to b!tch at each other on the volcano chat thingy a year or two ago heheh.. memories...

    I do Wushu, I have my own lil school in town here. Like anything, its what you make of it. If you want to learn to fly like crouching tiger.. well sure go for it Its a great workout.. noone survives my classes so far The technique is awesome and the coordination it develops if hardly beateable.

    All depends on what you want out of it.. some say its useless to fight with.. i say BS to that anyways go try it out.. one thing tho.. its not good for you at all hehe kills your body
    Hi Tiger Yin,
    You know, you should come and chat with us still!! We're all still there..... you can find us at the Fu-Ragz Chatroom!. There's a ton of us that are there nightly. While I'm not there all the time, Chris M, Shooter, Brassmonkey, Illusionfist, etc are all there.

    Hope to see you there (always miss a good argument )

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    If somebody is interested in learning Wushu/gym, how does he or she start?

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    by doing research and finding a reputable teacher, I'd imagine.
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    Can anybody give me any sparring video clips pretty please with sugar on top? Also does Wushu sparring look flashy?
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    define what you call "wushu".
    If it's contemporary performance "wushu", there is no sparring.
    And no, those two men forms are not sparring.

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    Wushu sparring, eagle claw w/ tkd, tkd w/ mantis.....You have to join job core to find a place with human beings to train, you must live on mars and read a lot of comic books...You have the internet so do a google search and you will find plenty of clips that compare all the styles you want...Maybe you should try BALLET and TAI BO
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    NO when I said I was joning job core, that's to get a career to do something with my life, the thing is you have to live on the school campus, there is one in every state, and I'm trying to choose one based on nearbyness to a martial arts school I want to study at.

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    It's better to pick one that will get you the best job.
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    hi,is wushu a type kung fu style or does it just mean chinese martial arts like another name for kung fu??

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    Wushu means fighting techniques and skills.

    Wu Yi means the arts of fighting, physics, anatomy, etc

    Wu Xue is the study of fighting or everything about fighting

    Wu Xue= Wu shu + wu Yi+---

    Wu De means ethics about fighting.

    Bin is military or war affairs.

    Bin Shu. Bin Xue etc etc.

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