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    Godzilla Guest

    Tiger Balm…


    I was in the local health food store today and spotted a small bottle of Tiger Balm.

    The key ingredients are listed as Menthol and Camphor. There was a list of other ingredients (I think some of them were) Methyl Salicylate, eucalytus oil, lavendar oil and other herbs.

    Is this a cheap Dit Da Jow or something else altogether? They seem to serve a similar purpose.

    Does anyone have experience with this product?


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    Kung Lek Guest
    it's the "Ben Gay" of the asian world! hahaha.

    It is an analgesic balm for remedy of aching muscles. Not really a penetrating Dit Da Jow liniment.

    it's good for headache relief too when applied a little to the temples and forhead.

    red tiger balm is very hot and some peoples skin reacts to it.

    white tiger balm is milder and can be used like vicks vapour rub.

    good for breaking loose phlegm in the chest, loosening packed sinuses and so on.

    It's not for healing bruises either muscular or bone.


    Kung Lek

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    woliveri Guest

    Be careful

    Don't forget to wash your hands after putting some
    on your muscles :cool: Otherwise when you go to
    the bathroom you'll heat up another muscle. :)

    Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East
    By Baird T. Spalding

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    wooha Guest
    Er.. yeah. I had that happen to me last week.. well almost.

    You see, the particular muscle that needed attention happened to be my inner thigh. The instructions said apply liberally for warming relief, but I think I applied it a bit too liberally. Some of it somehow ended up spreading upwards to.. well, you know where. It was at that point that I found out that where it said warming relief it actually meant searing death pain.

    I won't be repeating that experience in a hurry.

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    dunbarj01 Guest
    Hey Godzilla,

    Tiger balm's not Dit Da Jow unfortunately. Dit Da contains various anti-inlammatory herbs in an alcoholic base. The alcohol offers good penetration into the skin. Tiger balm uses methyl salicylate for the heat sensation and pain relief. It also contains clove oil which is a natural pain killer. I've heard ancient romans used to place a clove in their mouth straight after loosing a tooth to ease the pain. Hope this helps.

    Cheers :)

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    dunbarj01 Guest

    Another use for Tiger Balm

    Found another use for Tiger Balm: a Vietnamese woman I know uses it to relieve colds by applying to the back and reddening the skin with a dog tag (ouch!). Has anyone else come across this technique?

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    impaler continue ya b*llsh!t belief in herbs. still no proof there

    all talk no action yo'll full of proof dit da is antiiflamm. where did ya git that proof from.used it on yer @rse after i f*cked it last right and ya found it works so yo preaching this cr@p to everyone right. yo quack useless good fer nothin chemist.go back to yer lab and analyse more stools and pee ya loser.

    5star praying mantis

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    woliveri Guest

    Vlad the Impaler

    My wife does this practice. In Chinese Medicine
    it's called Gwa Shwa if I remember correctly and
    my wife uses a 50 cent piece and another type of
    oil (green color) that comes in a bottle. Oil is
    placed on the skin where the rubbing will take
    place and then take a coin an scrape (not too
    hard) to make the area red. My wife get's a lot
    of relief from this. I've even heard of Chinese
    taking a dab of Tiger Balm and rubbing it on the
    back of the throat when sick. I don't know if
    I'd try that.

    5-Star, you need to lay off the drugs son.

    Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East
    By Baird T. Spalding

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    Godzilla Guest

    Thanks everyone. (except for 5 Star)

    You see, I have been training in Aikido the last month or so. The rolling and falling are taxing on my 35 year old body. TKD kept me on my feet for several years and I am not used to this. I have not yet ‘mastered’ the rolls, etc. but am persistently trying!

    Specifically, I have bruised my side, right on the pelvis bone. Although I can tolerate the pain, I would like to know if anyone had a suggestion for easing it? The pain is dull and somewhat throbbing. I can always feel it but when I work out, I am not bothered by it.

    The tiger balm caught my eye and I was thinking about buying it. Is jow going to work better in this case? Does anyone have any other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,

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