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Thread: Mosquitos medicine

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    harry_the_monk Guest

    Mosquitos medicine

    Does anyone know of a harmless repellant to mosquitos? A natural one rather than one you buy at the pharmacy... :)
    Also does eating certain foods do this naturally anyway?

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    remo Guest
    You might try:

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    joedoe Guest
    Heard eating garlic works.

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    Fish of Fury Guest
    taking B vitamins is supposed to repel mossies (don't know if it works...maybe you can let me know :) )

    citronella is the most common natural insect repellant (you can get citronella candles)
    Neem is also used

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    harry_the_monk Guest


    Cool, don't know if its the B-vits or the Garlic, but I haven't been bitten all year yet(tempting fate I know..) even when I got a few of them flying round the room.
    Maybe I'll give the citrenalla candles a go, if they smell nice, might help block the constant smell of sweat-drying sports kit in my room :D


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    The Whyzyrd Guest

    Just learned a new one

    I just spent a month in Thailand and over there everyone uses Tiger Balm as a mosquito repellant...and surprisingly it works. That's all I used after I found out and didn't get one nible though I got chewed on before.

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    dunbarj01 Guest
    I've heard of Tiger Balm for bites but I didn't know that it could be used as a repellent. I've also heard that citronella is not a very good repellent but it was used because it was one of the few fragrant oils that could withstand the relatively high temperatures such as in candles. I think it was more anecdotal than concrete.


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    The Whyzyrd Guest

    Tiger Balm

    Well, as far as usuing it on bites - I have no idea BUT that's what the locals told us to use as a repellent and, sure enough it worked (yes - I was VERY surprised).

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