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Thread: no spleen

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    no spleen

    I was wondering if anyone knows what affect having your spleen taken out has on a person from a TCM perspective? I've heard not having a gallbladder makes you angry. Thanks

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    Repulsive Monkey Guest


    Not really true. From a C.N. perspective an excess (say heat) in the Liver or Gallbladder will promote an imbalance in anger but the loss of it. Anyway all the organs are paired up with a companion organ which will in time statr to adjust to the loss of the organ and start to take over some of its fucbntions to aid the body in re-cooperation. So for the Spleen that Stomach will enhance the digest and energetic functions of sending GuQi up to the Lungs probably. The Spleen also has a function of creating Blood in the body as does the Liver and Heart. So the other 2 organs will increase their own efforts and adapt to the situation of a lost organ.

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