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Thread: A Challenge

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    More on Ma

    Ma Baoguo’s opponent ‘scared’ before KO’ing tai chi master in 30 seconds – and had to pay to fight
    Wang Qingmin tells local media he used Chinese kung fu style to knock out 69-year-old tai chi master in first interview since viral fight
    Amateur boxer has received no prize money and paid US$92 to fight Ma, who reportedly earned US$28,000 for 30-second bout

    Jonathan White
    Published: 10:48am, 27 May, 2020
    Updated: 11:29am, 27 May, 2020

    However, Wang said he beat Ma with a traditional Chinese kung fu style. He was registered as an MMA fighter but used the Chinese style of Xing Yi Quan, rather than Western martial arts as media reported.

    Referee asked tai chi master Ma Baoguo to show mercy before embarrassing 30-second KO
    Pre-fight footage emerges on Chinese social media showing referee expected tai chi master to deliver a one-sided beat down
    Referee appeals to 69-year-old to show mercy to his opponent – ‘when I say stop, you can’t continue to hit him’

    Jonathan White
    Published: 4:02pm, 21 May, 2020
    Updated: 6:25pm, 21 May, 2020

    A still from the video of tai chi master Ma Baoguo (right) talking to the referee ahead of his embarrassing 30-second knockout. Photo: Hupu

    The knockout of 69-year-old tai chi master Ma Baoguo by a former martial arts coach 20 years his junior in Shandong has been watched around the world, with fans in China and overseas ridiculing the older man for taking on the challenge.
    Ma was knocked down twice before being knocked out within 30 seconds and taken to hospital, where he recovered and has since left.
    However, footage from before the fight that shows a conversation between Ma and the fight referee shared on Chinese social media seems to indicate that they were expecting the fight to be one-sided the other way.
    The referee apparently appeals to Ma to show mercy to his opponent, telling him three times: “I have just one requirement, when I say stop you have to stop, you can’t continue to hit him.”

    Ma for his part warned the referee ahead of the fight, “I am afraid of my [tai chi] routine hurting you” to which the referee replied, “I am not afraid”.

    As it was, they were right about it being a one-sided fight.

    Ma had built a reputation for outlandish statements, calling UFC strawweight champion Zhang Weili “stupid” and claiming that he could beat her in a fight.
    MMA Challenges to Kung Fu
    A Challenge
    Zhang Weili
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    Other Than T'ai Chi Ch'uan

    The non MMA guys seem to shuffle their feet with little to no time to root feet. In TCC I might think that if one does not root the feet one cannot punch, one cannot deflect. If they are not using TCC principles then TCC is not been defeated as it has not been used.-Ernie Moore Jr.

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    More Ma Baoguo

    This guy really needs his own indie thread but I'll do that some other time maybe...

    Disgraced Chinese tai chi master Ma Baoguo ‘walks away from kung fu’ after fresh online ridicule
    Ma Baoguo, who went viral in May after being knocked down three times in 30 seconds, announces he has ‘returned to peaceful life’
    Tai chi master again trending on Chinese social media in spoof videos, with humiliated German football team also mocked
    Jonathan White
    Published: 11:38am, 18 Nov, 2020

    Photo: HandoutA still from the video of tai chi master Ma Baoguo talking to the referee before his embarrassing 30-second knockout. Photo: Handout

    Disgraced Chinese tai chi master Ma Baoguo has apparently walked away from martial arts after a resurgence in online ridicule over the weekend.
    The 69-year-old became an overnight celebrity in May when he was knocked down three times in 30 seconds in a fight with 50-year-old amateur boxer Wang Qingmin in Zibo, Shandong.
    Ma’s official Weibo account posted on Sunday for the first time since May, writing that “Ma has returned to a peaceful life, away from the martial arts circle of right and wrong. I hope everyone can understand it”.
    This came in response to a renewed interest in the martial artist as netizens created spoof videos, coinciding with the six-month anniversary of his viral loss to Wang.

    Ma’s account addressed the rise in videos, which had also seen him trend as a search topic on Weibo once more.

    “Recently, a lot of various clips about Ma Lao have appeared on the internet. The information on the internet is very messy, so everyone must be able to distinguish clearly.

    “This is our only window platform to the outside world. All information is subject to this release. Thank you.”
    That was the first post on the account since a similar denial in mid-May following the dramatic knockout by Wang within 30 seconds.

    Chinese netizens have been creating videos inserting Ma into well-known action films or doctoring images to place him in films such as The Godfather , where he replaced Marlon Brando.

    Ma Baoguo at the start of the fight with Wang Qingmin. Photo: YouTube
    The ridicule has come from all corners. Even Ke Jie, the 23-year-old Go world champion, released a video on Chinese-platform Bilibili spoofing Ma.
    Another video, posted by PP Sports, showed Germany football coach Joachim Loew, whose side were thrashed 6-0 by Spain in the Uefa Nations League on Tuesday. It had been edited so Loew explained why his face was swollen, much like the posts Ma made after his defeat to Wang.
    It has been pointed out that videos spoofing Ma on Bilibili have been viewed more than 100 million times.

    Such videos often focus on sayings from Ma’s own videos, including “rat tail juice”, “sneak attack” and “young people do not speak martial arts”.
    Many users have set up fake accounts pretending to be Ma, which he denounced on his official account back in May.
    “There are now many people on the internet pretending to be Mr Ma Baoguo to post false news,” the official account posted back then.

    Ma Baoguo is tended to by medical staff after getting knocked out. Photo” YouTube
    “We have not accepted any interviews with anyone. All the news is based on the official Weibo account of “Hunyuan Xingyi Taijiquan Ma Baoguo” that has been certified with V. Yes, the picture below shows some fake accounts, please tell the netizens clearly.”
    Elsewhere, another edited photo saw Xi’an’s Changan University move to deny that they had employed Ma to teach martial arts to students.
    Someone had doctored images of the “announcement” and shared them on social media – the giveaway being the real university has a blue “verified” logo rather than the red “V” in the pictures – as reported by Chengdu’s Red Star News.

    “We don’t know who sent this picture and there is no way to verify it,” a staff member was quoted as saying. They also refused to confirm whether Ma Baoguo was an alumnus of the university.
    Earlier this year, the China Wushu Association issued a proposal to clear up the definition of martial arts.
    This came in a response to Ma and other self-proclaimed “masters” going viral online after humiliating defeats.

    Jonathan White

    Jonathan White joined the Post in 2017 after a decade reporting on sport from China. He originally moved to Beijing to coach football in 2007 and later spent two years in Shanghai.
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    Old man Ma

    Ma Baoguo gets his own indie thread now, separate from the A Challenge thread. I'll be amused if we ever hear from him again.

    Ridiculed ‘tai chi master Old Man Ma’ retires
    Thursday, 19 Nov 2020

    Compiled by ALLISON LAI and C. ARUNO

    SELF-PROCLAIMED tai chi master Ma Baoguo (pic), who courted online ridicule after he was knocked out by a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter in 30 seconds earlier this year, announced that he will be retiring from the sports, reported Sin Chew Daily.

    “There have been lots of edited videos of Old Man Ma online. The messages being spread are chaotic and everyone needs to discern truth from fiction.

    “Old Man Ma wants to return to a quieter life and stay away from gossip in the martial arts circle, ” the 69-year-old wrote on Weibo on Sunday.

    However, his post was met with scorn by Chinese netizens.

    “How can you retire, Teacher Ma, when you are our daily source of humorous content?” one quipped.

    Ma became notorious online after boasting that Chinese traditional martial arts were superior to MMA and that he could even beat UFC strawweight champion Zhang Weili.

    He was soon challenged by several MMA fighters and his first match against amateur hobbyist Wang Qingmin ended in a 30-second knockout.

    This time, the 41-year-old posted a photo of himself on Instagram dressed in an outlandish jacket, spotting a beanie and oversized glasses in what was viewed as an attempt to make a comeback to the entertainment scene.

    “I came to a familiar place, met familiar people, and everything was no longer strange to me, ” he wrote.

    However, his posts only garnered ridicule from Internet users.

    “Don’t come here. We will resist you, ” one wrote.

    Lo has maintained a relatively low profile after a scandal erupted in April when he was accused of cheating on former girlfriend and Internet celebrity Grace Chow with multiple women.

    The scandal was reported to have caused him to lose nearly TW$600mil (RM86mil) in axed celebrity endorsement deals.

    The above articles are compiled from the vernacular newspapers (Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil dailies). As such, stories are grouped according to the respective language/medium.
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